100% attendance

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  1. A high school teacher approached me and said, “Hey, congrats on your perfect attendance!”

    I was on the verge of crying when I told him what a dull person I sounded like after that. After that, I skipped school for the first time a few days later.

    There was a blizzard that day, out of all the days I could’ve chosen.

    Hee hee.

  2. It’s amusing, but it’s also not amusing because we all need to normalize taking time off to recover rather than becoming corporate stooges.

  3. I somehow managed to have perfect attendance for all four years of high school. I’m really not sure how….. and I wish I had attended graduation to receive the distinction.

  4. I can’t just call out if I’m sick. I don’t get a lot of holiday time, and my sick days aren’t paid. I’m not taking advantage of the few days off I get each year to be sick at home. It is the labor laws, not the person who is simply trying to feed themselves, that are to blame.

  5. A raffle was held at my niece’s elementary school for students who had perfect attendance. First place received a bike, second place received a $100 gift card, third place received $50, and all others received $20 gift cards. It was made a big deal at school. I’m curious if Covid has influenced such behaviors.

  6. I had a friend who had perfect attendance from kindergarten to high school.

    He had a bad home situation, and school allowed him to get away from it.

  7. With your comics, you’ve nailed the “people who put in little effort and whine about other people at work” demographic.

  8. I saw a pattern in the comments and decided to share it anyway. From first grade to high school graduation, I went to school with a student who never missed a day. Do you have any idea what he does now for a living? He gets the carts from the nearest grocery store’s parking lot.

    Attendance should not be rated as highly as it currently is.

  9. No way. Bob should simply donate his unused sick days to Dan, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Have you received the email from HR? People were encouraged to donate their sick days to Dan, and a donation box was set up in the breakroom to help pay for his chemo. Remember, we’re all part of one big happy family!

  10. My mother, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. “But do you reaaalllllllly need to go today?” my mother would ask when I came down dressed and ready for school. It’s going to be a lovely day outside! We could go do ” if you like. My mother, in all honesty, had her priorities straight. With my children, I aspire to be like that.

  11. As a manager, I still encourage my workers to take advantage of their sick days. Are you ill? Remain at home.

    Also, are you really not feeling it? Are you feeling a little down? Are you feeling tense? Mental wellbeing is a serious problem, so take advantage of a sick day!

    We can all manage with someone out once in a while as long as you don’t misuse it and your job doesn’t suffer. We work as a unit. We support each other. It’s as easy as that.

  12. When I was in middle school, I learned that a friend of mine hadn’t missed a single day of school in a couple of years, and I figured it was difficult to go a year without being sick.

  13. I’ve worked for my new employer for seven years and have never been sick. I’ve taken sick days for doctor’s appointments, treatments, caring for sick families, dentist appointments, and so on, but I’ve never woken up and said I’m too sick to function. I never had a fever or felt “off” when I was sick, so I still went to work.

  14. Some people are immune to illness. One of them is me. If I do, it’s horrible and knocks me out for a week, but I normally have to wait 2-3 years.

  15. I had a bad panic attack a few weeks ago, lasting three days. Recovery was a pain. But it had to be finished, or I’d be unproductive and in a downward spiral for weeks.

  16. Sick leave, in my view, is also for mental wellbeing. Instead of having to go to work and do like 5 hours of actual work all week because I’m emotionally drained and didn’t take a sick day, I’d rather stay at home one day and return to work happy and productive the next day.

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