Actual questions on my son’s Taco Bell job application

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  1. It’s a ruse. Who wants minimum-wage workers who believe a day is only 24 hours long? The “correct” answer to the second one is clearly “Agree”.

  2. “How did you manage to get me to work fourteen hours on Saturday?”

    “Well, there are fifty hours in a day,” says the narrator.

    “Oh yeah, I guess that’s not too bad.”

  3. I believe this is to ensure that people are reading the questions rather than simply clicking agree, agree, agree, etc. Also, people who don’t speak English well enough to communicate with consumers will be weeded out.

  4. If your son is serious about the profession, he must accept that there are fifty hours in a day… His work shifts would be 50 hours long, though.

  5. They might be questions designed to see if people are genuinely reading the questions rather than just skimming them. Take note of how the proper solutions for each are diametrically opposed.

  6. “Sorry, but the correct response is ‘agree,’ because it is the number of hours of daily unpaid overtime we anticipate you working.”

  7. Don’t laugh so fast. My old company had an employment test where a typical question was a section of a ruler and a screw next to it asking how long is this screw? They had to dumb down the test twice since not enough people passed it the first time. The outcome of American education.

  8. The real question should be whether a steak chalupa and a soft shell taco are the same thing. Because they are, according to the last time I went to Taco Bell.

  9. I had to stack three different colored boxes on top of each other for Amazon to demonstrate that I can distinguish colors and count seven items in a box.
    If I failed one of the tests, the person who was assisting me stated they had more. awesome

  10. Might ruin the joke, but these are likely “validity” questions. They’re there to make sure you’re not randomly checking boxes or marking all of it true/false the same. Basically, it shows that you’re either really lucky or that you filled this out with purpose.

  11. This is the type of question I ask on tests. They’re known as “Validity Index Questions.” They’re there, in layman’s terms, to make sure you’re paying attention rather than just clicking through. It is assumed that 100% of users will know the correct answer to that question, thus if you miss such questions, you aren’t paying attention.

  12. I recall applying for a taco bell job online as well. I recall the application, and the two questions you can’t see were on it.

    17. You’ll almost certainly be working with extraterrestrials.


    20. You are a part of a well-organized government run by people who wear clothes.

    Previous Question: Extremely Unlikely

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