Anticipating questions at work

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  1. In that case, why would you tell people the truth? You have full creative license!!

    When I sprained my ankle, my favorite thing to say was, “So I was saving this baby from this fire, right -“

  2. Markiplier has a fractured foot and will be in a cast for another month for the same cause. Except he didn’t fall, he just took a jump.

  3. – Get a cat. – You’ve solved the problem.

    EDIT: It turns out that cats can be dangerous to their owners as well…

    -Get a goldfish to fix the problem.

  4. Are you all right? A broken arm takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal. If you work in an office, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t return to work after a few days to recover from the initial pain.

  5. My normal response when I broke my leg was, “I was snowboarding down Anapurna and hit a yeti.” The majority of people seemed to support it.

  6. What is the source of the problem? What happened to the curb? What were you thinking? Why weren’t you paying more attention? Isn’t it true that you’re unemployed? So, what exactly are you doing with your life? Can’t you ever stop being sad? Why haven’t you tied the knot yet?

  7. A few days before the first day of school, I broke my arm. Nobody was interested, no one was curious, and no one wanted to report on the cast.

  8. I say, it’ll take several weeks for it to heal. Sure, take a week off to let the pain subside, but what are you expected to do in the meantime? Is it possible to get 6 weeks of sick pay? In addition, I believe she works at a kwik trip, which is a gas station, based on her shirt. So it’s not necessarily heavy lifting; it’s more like ringing up customers.

  9. When the dude finally falls and breaks his weak ass neck, his dog would attempt to eat his bones and be greeted with the equivalent of a rotting leaf.

  10. Sorry, boss, my arms are broken, and I won’t be able to type for the next six weeks without pay. I don’t believe you gave it much thought before publishing it.

  11. Do you have a specific breed of dog?

    What is the name of this creature?

    If you have any pictures?

    How old are you? It’s a sweetie!

    What method did you use to obtain it?

    Is it something you’ve had since it was a puppy?

    She should’ve just said she was struck by a driver.

  12. As someone who has broken their arm three times, I was delighted to be asked. It allowed me to see how crazy of a story I could concoct while still remaining plausible.

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