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  1. When I lose my driving companion, I’m still sad. Following is tempting, but it transforms you from a driving companion to a light stalker.

  2. Since I drive a bright orange car, I still switch lanes to get behind red or yellow vehicles in the hopes of seeing a rainbow. It’s so frustrating when we have three or four colors in a row and one of them disappears.

  3. With another driver, I once rode from Nebraska to Tennessee. We stopped at a couple of rest stops, where I bought him a burger and he got me a soda from a gas station. I look for that blaze orange Datsun every time I pass through Memphis, where he broke off.

  4. When I’m towing our travel trailer with the family and come across another family towing a trailer, I get the same feeling.

    I’ll probably drop in behind them if they’re not going any slower than me, giving the impression that we’re on a multi-family ride. When I do, I still hope and pray that another RV or trailer will enter our convoy.

  5. Is it just me who thinks this way? I despise being surrounded by people. On country roads, I enjoy the feeling of being alone behind the wheel; on busy highways, I still try to find an empty space between groups of vehicles.

  6. I still behave as though I’m conversing with them. For example, if anyone cuts them off, I become enraged and inform them. I’ll even ask them to move anyone if I need them to. On long car trips, it makes me feel less lonely, and it’s amusing when it seems that they really listened.

  7. This is especially true if the car you were chasing was speeding. If done correctly, speeding can be done without getting a ticket.

  8. This is what happened to me today. On the highway, I followed a van for quite a while, they both took the same exit, we continued on the same road for another 10 minutes, but then I had to turn left while they continued straight. Guess who’s right in front of me again in less than 2 minutes? 😀

    Then I arrived at my destination while they continued on their way. Goodbye, mate.

  9. *As the blue minivan I’ve been following for the past four hours up I-95 exits*

    “I was under the impression that we were in this together! , but you want to abandon me before we reach the state line!? Nowadays, everybody is a liar.”

  10. I form bonds with the cars in front of me as well. I also get irritated when they want to pass or overtake me, just like homie, I’m already driving 10 miles over the speed limit.

  11. This BMW Alpina B12 was in front of me on a long trip once. When I tried to pass him, he sped up and wouldn’t let me pass him, so we had a little fun for nearly two hours, but then he had to sadly leave, and it felt strange that the fun was over. -.

  12. I’ve followed the red lights in front of me several times as they led me safely home through blizzards. Greetings, you glorious scumbags.

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