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  1. To be honest, if you read that study carefully, you’ll notice that they’re attributing individual emissions to the companies that sold them the goods that later caused the emissions.

    That’s akin to blaming McDonald’s for my weight gain during the lockdown.

  2. Our new climate czar, John Kerry, owns six homes, twelve cars, two yachts, and a private jet. Mr. Kerry is just as bad as Al Gore when it comes to climate change denial.

  3. Alternatively, maybe the UN can stop overlooking what countries like China and India do with their unregulated industrial pollutant emissions and stop accusing the US for being a “huge bad nation” when it’s actually filtering emissions much better than those two shitholes ever planned.

  4. Why don’t we all… you know… stop supporting these businesses? You’re just as terrible for helping these businesses as they are! Can people please stop blaming each other and take action for a change?

  5. They’ve accomplished quite a bit. Compare how much pollution factories produced decades ago to how much pollution they produce now. It’s significantly fewer.

  6. Find out where the “reality” came from. They are energy firms that provide customers with energy and fuels. We are the ones who are driving the market.

  7. I’m curious as to who buys all of the low-cost goods produced by these cooperatives. I’m curious as to who elects politicians who don’t press for stricter rules on cooperatives.

    We are all to blame for the impending climate disaster. Sure, not to the same extent. But we’re all responsible.

    We are doomed as a species before we recognize this and behave accordingly with our votes and actions.

  8. Okay, but why do you believe they pollute the environment so much?

    To make money, I’m making shit for a horribly overpopulated world.

    It is parents, not the corps, who have fucked this world to death, insisting on reproducing despite the fact that we are obviously overpopulated by billions.

  9. I don’t understand this type of post; after all, large corporations are suprinding ordinary people, so we, too, bear responsibility.

  10. They don’t want to improve, and will only do so if legally compelled to do so with penalties that are potentially harmful to them rather than only a slight inconvenience, such as a small fine. Big companies are only interested in making money, not caring for you or anyone else.

  11. The “70% of emissions are caused by 100 corporations” is a misinterpretation of the study that made those findings. The 70% refers to fossil fuel producers, not consumers. Meaning the 70% sold the fossil fuels, but the end emissions were put out by both ordinary individuals and companies

  12. The same can be said for recycling.

    Every job I’ve ever had produces as much waste on a regular basis as I would in a week, month, or even a year.

    Except for cardboard, none of those locations recycled anything.

  13. It’s almost like you’re being blamed. Recycling is essential, as is driving less and conserving electricity. It’s never their fault.

  14. 77 of those firms are gas/coal/oil companies, which do not generate the emissions themselves but rather provide people with the ability to do so. Not that they aren’t to blame; far from it; but all of us, including you, are using their product and contributing to the emissions.

  15. Many “activists” these days are in the same boat. People want to be rewarded for pointing out problems while failing to propose any possible solutions.

  16. Purchase of “carbon credits” and raising awareness… We buy carbon credits from people who aren’t making a mess because we’re making a mess. Finally, the government officials we bribe agree it’s a tie. This isn’t a con at all.

  17. However, they would compel ordinary people to drastically alter their lifestyles as businesses and the wealthy continue to do so. They will keep their private jets if we are forced to give up our travel.

  18. However, they would compel ordinary people to drastically alter their lifestyles as businesses and the wealthy continue to do so. They will retain their private jets if we are forced to abandon air travel.

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