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  1. She would have thought she had a terrific boss if she had said Thursday straight away – my wife plays the similar deception on me.

  2. What a flexible schedule entails. Cracks me up that corpos created that term to trick people into thinking they have any control

  3. M: I’m looking forward to Monday.

    B:I’m afraid I won’t be able to.

    M:Well, I’m not going to show up on Monday.

    B:You’re going to get fired.

    M:I wish you luck with it.

    B:Fine, Monday is yours.


    My manager and I had a real chat.

  4. So, are these comics or just the musings of an artist to elicit debate? Because they’re about as amusing in Darfour as Father’s Day.

  5. I’ll never forget calling in ill and being told that I couldn’t because I needed to be in by 7 a.m. That’ll be a pain when I’m not there at 7 a.m., I replied.

  6. I was once asked if I wanted apple juice or orange juice in a hotel breakfast room, and I chose orange juice, to which the lady replied, “There is none!” When I inquired why she offered it, she responded she assumed I would prefer apple juice!? I couldn’t understand her breakfast room mind tricks because it was too early.

  7. Thursdays are my favorite days to go on vacation. They aren’t as irritated because it isn’t Friday, and you only have one day left before the weekend! Unless, of course, you don’t work regular human hours.

  8. This is a comic that I truly enjoy. It definitely emphasizes the disadvantages of working in a retail environment. But it’s also lighthearted and amusing. It’s a Dilbert for hourly employees.

  9. I pity anyone who has to work for a boss like this. At work, I’m in control of the schedule and go out of my way to ensure that everyone gets their requested timetables. I’m not sure why more employers don’t recognize that a happy employee is typically often a hard worker.

  10. “Hey, we need everyone’s help since so-and-so opted to leave the state and is now under obligatory quarantine. Can you come in every day for a month without missing a beat?”

    That happened to me earlier this year as well. It took me three weeks to get the name and email address of the HR person…

  11. Not to mention the pleasure of being recruited with the full understanding that you will never be able to work on a Thursday. Being assured that’s perfectly alright isn’t a problem at all. Then they try to schedule you to only work on Thursdays and get butthurt at your lack of ability.

  12. I was in a McDonald’s a long time ago when the attendant asked what drink I wanted to go with my dinner. She responded they were out when I said Fanta. Coke, on the other hand, is fine. We’re sorry, but we don’t have it as well. What exactly do you have? We only have access to water. Then I’ll go get some water. Laugh out loud.

  13. It’s ironic because businesses are heartless autocracies only concerned in maximising profits, and if we don’t submit to them as wage slaves, we’ll starve to death on the streets.

  14. They asked us how we wanted to handle coming back to the office post Covid every single one of us said continue working from home with maybe a day in the office for meetings and things. We ended up spending four days at the office, but we got to choose which day we want to work from home, as long as it doesn’t coincide with a meeting.

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