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  1. There’s a McDonald’s in our small college town in north Louisiana with ONE worker doing EVERYTHING. She takes all of the drive-thru orders, collects the money, and serves the meal. On the local Facebook page, there is a message informing residents that there is only ONE worker in the building and that they should be courteous to her.

  2. My area is suffering from a severe labor shortage. Most fast food restaurants are unable to staff after 10 p.m. Even Waffle House, which is near to my house, is closed. Nobody wants to work at these rates, especially with housing and rent rates on the rise.

  3. Wait, he typed, printed, then walked to the drive-through speaker to tape it up, so this is the polar opposite of not giving a mcfuck.

  4. I’m curious about the story…did everyone call out and quit at the same time or something?

    According to the note, there was just one employee on duty for that shift.

  5. Workers are becoming more aware of their own power!

    A sleeping colossus! THE SLEEPER HAS TO BE AWAKENED.


  6. I love how the same folks who think these workers are unskilled and don’t deserve more compensation also go to McDonald’s six times a week and treat the workers like garbage.

  7. Good. The cost of advancement is inconvenient, but it is well worth it. Hopefully, this tendency will gain traction and result in action. It’s a fucking joke that multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations refuse to pay a livable wage, and it’s a farce that the government seem to be completely ok with a majority of their citizens being slaves.

  8. Kindness is important. You never know what’s going on behind the speaker, or who you’re dealing with by their name tag. This includes gas station attendants, retail employees, fast food restaurant employees, grocery store clerks, salespeople, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, police officers, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors, and many others.

  9. Lol I worked for a day and a half at McDonald’s before quitting because I couldn’t stand it any longer. I simply stepped out and into my car, then drove away.

  10. I like working at McDonald’s because it’s unpleasant, and I see it as mental preparation for when I join the military. I adore being screamed at and standing for over 8 hours in stressful settings. I also go for a run during my breaks.

  11. I enjoy working with the people I do, and taking orders at the front counter isn’t too difficult if they aren’t enormous. However, I am not a fan of fries or large curbside orders. Furthermore, the air conditioning is never turned up high enough.

  12. When I was in high school, I worked at McDonald’s and hated it 85 percent of the time because of the clientele and 15% because of the job.

  13. I really like it. My bosses and coworkers are fantastic, and they’re all very supportive of my efforts to develop. I appreciate the work and, at times, find it challenging, which is ideal for me. It’s better than doing nothing at home, and it gives me a lot of happiness. in all honesty i can’t fault it

  14. I believe it’s incredibly easy, therefore I’m fairly content working there, but I’d change jobs if the opportunity arose for a greater salary.

  15. I really enjoy it, and my proprietor is fantastic. I worked extremely hard, and the owner recognized this and assisted me in becoming ready to advance. Started as a crew member, then as a crew trainer, then as a swing manager, and finally as a second assistant. It’s a terrific organization where you can succeed if you put your best foot forward and attempt to be your best.

  16. Conservatives accuse workers of being entitled and lazy for doing so.

    Maybe the firms that expect individuals to work a dreadful job for almost little pay are the ones who are truly entitled?

    Supply and demand work both ways, and the only way you’ll get what you want is if the 13th Amendment is repealed.

  17. Long shifts.

    There is no defined schedule.

    Always a manpower shortage.

    Every time I’m asked to come in, I’m told that I’m not authorized to work extra.

    It’s a sham.

    Fast food jobs are a waste of time.

  18. I’m content with it, sort of. I switched from the lobby to the kitchen, and I enjoy it. I don’t enjoy it in the sense that I’d rather be at home doing nothing, but if I have to work for money, I’m pleased it’s this and not a worse job with jerks.

  19. It reminds me of unloading trucks at Toys R Us, where the guy joked that if we needed to, we should unload very fast and act like we were high on crack.

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