Fast-paced Environment

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  1. There isn’t enough workers.

    Ownership has more clients than the company can possibly manage, and you’ll be working overtime until you can find out what you’re doing.

    Since no one lasts long enough until they find out what’s going on, you’ll be doing the job of two or four individuals.

  2. So, the person in charge of setting goals is a moron; PMs set irrational, unrealistic deadlines based on wishful thinking; and people leave faster than you can say “fuck you guys, I’m leaving.”

    You’ve got it.

  3. That’s the part of job hunting on Indeed that irritates me the most: they mention this nonsense as if people enjoy working in those conditions. The majority of people do not, and they simply accept it.

  4. The benefits include a fair starting salary of $8 per hour, no pesky insurance premiums because we have none for your advantage, and a full half-hour lunch break during our 12-hour shifts.

  5. Fast-paced euphemism for “we don’t think things through.”

    The term “pressure” is shorthand for “under-resourced workplace.”

    ‘Dynamic’ is shorthand for ‘variable.’

  6. I’ve never known why people say those things as if it’s a positive thing.

    Is it too much to ask for me to work as little as possible and with as little stress as possible in order to earn a living wage and not have to think about it?

  7. Block one: you will be asked to do more than you can in a single move. Block two: we’ll hold you accountable for poor management. Block three: there will be a lot of turnover among coworkers. Block four: I’m not here to work.

  8. > Quick-witted

    We can have this ready in ridiculously short time, sales often tells customers.

    > Intensity

    Management expects you to meet these strict deadlines and will put pressure on you to do so.

    > A dynamic group

    We have such a high turnover rate that you’ll see new faces every week!

  9. The advantage is that it’s really simple to keep track of what’s on the advantages list.

    It’s because it’s almost empty.

  10. Keep in mind, kids. When management asks for something, we work as a “gang.” It becomes a company when the workforce does.

  11. I’ve had a lot of work interviews recently, and I’ve turned down a lot of them because of job descriptions like this. Know what you’re worth.

  12. “You’ll work hard the entire shift with limited breaks,” is slang for “you’ll work hard the entire shift with minimal breaks.”

  13. Advantages: We’re like one big family.

    Which means you’ll be forced to work a lot of hours without being paid for it because family members support each other.

  14. I met the president of a software company I had just started working for in 1989. I told him I was excited for my time there because I enjoyed working on apps. He responded “I’m delighted to hear that! That you enjoy working long shifts.”

  15. Company: We have a fair pay package!
    You: *Includes a salary range for your position*

  16. I was interviewing for a job that was described as fast-paced by everyone. I’m referring to everybody. They all said something different about how busy it is between HR and the three interviews.

    Then, in my most recent interview, I was asked if I would be able to work hours other than 9 to 5. I told them I’d had burnout and wanted to find a work-life balance.

    Needless to say, I was not hired.

  17. I sat in an interview with a small tech corporation that was almost identical to this one. Stranger still, during the 45-minute interview, the interviewer spent nearly 35 minutes giving me HIS elevator pitch… about how demanding, fast-paced, and competitive the organization was.

  18. “Thrive Under Pressure” – Instead of shouting back at the customer who is insulting you, smile and give them what they want. Although we bow down to bullies, we want you to remain cool.

    “Dynamic Team” – The staff changes as people leave because customers shout insults at them all the time, and we reward them with free items as a result.

  19. This is actually stated in my workplace’s announcements for prospective new employees; what an odd way to express stressful.

  20. “Also, you cannot accept tips; the organization considers such personal contributions,” remember.

    ‘Me,’ I say “It is, after all, a gift to me for being so good at my fucking work. Customers pay half my wage because you pay us too little, so either pay me more or stfu, slut.”

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