If only they knew.

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  1. Dude, I asked for a multi-color pen for geometry at the start of last school year, and it’s the best fucking purchase I’ve ever made for school.

  2. Ahhh, this beauty was shattered in minutes when someone lent it to me, and the look on their face as they watched me cram them all in at once is the same look I get from my wife today when I mention gme.

  3. Anyone remember the phony pen that was supposed to have a pen eraser but never worked? It was the first time I had seen deception.

  4. Yeah, you got it, because I was a jerk. I recall buying two of the G2 pens in high school and making sure I had them at all times. Now that I can afford them, I’m constantly losing them.

  5. There’s a lot of Baby Boomer energy here.

    People, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people I’m sure Boomers didn’t have multi-pens when they were kids. I didn’t say the damn pen, I said the *energy*.

  6. You’ve all reached adulthood. They’re $3 and can be found at any Wal-Mart. The medium point ball is best with a blue barrel, but the orange fine point will suffice in a pinch.
    I’m now wearing the 50th Anniversary edition, which is purple instead of green.

  7. The one where the tip is removed and inserted into the top to push the other colors down.

    Someone will understand what I’m referring to.

  8. The intense desire to bring all four colors down was overwhelming. Also, depending on how I was writing that week, I remember always running out of one before the others…

  9. I paid 13 dollars on Amazon for eight of these. All in my department received a unicorn or a dinosaur. They were all overjoyed to receive it. You can never be too old for a little fun.

  10. When my friend and I were youngsters, we had one of these, and yes, we tried to push down all four at the same time. He had one, and I recall having one as well.

  11. These were cool, but they were never your go-to pen, admit it. It’s just too difficult to get a grip on the chubby knucklehead.

  12. When I was in third grade, I begged and wished for one and received one in my Christmas stocking. That pen, oh my goodness, I adored it.

  13. As a kid, I recall these being more expensive in the shop, where you could get three 10-packs of standard bic ballpoints for less than the price of this one pen. and that was many years ago

  14. If you’re looking for a current equivalent, look up “pilot coleto.” There are a lot more colors, gel inks, thicknesses, and pen bodies to choose from…. But be warned: it’ll become a habit. Jetpens.com is where I acquire my parts.

  15. That pen was never something I was interested in. The coveted and undisputed king of pencils, the mirado black knight, was what I desired. I purchased five boxes of those pencils about 20 years ago. I still have some on hand. They are no longer manufactured.

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