It’s always fun trying to figure out what someone has imagined you’ve done!

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  1. This was something my ex used to do. She’d wake me up with a punch for cheating on her in her dreams. On alllll the bath salts, B**** was crazier than a Florida guy.

  2. There aren’t many things I’d throw anyone out for. But being enraged at me over something she THOUGHT I’d done would be one of them.

    I wouldn’t be afraid to tell people why anything happened.

  3. Yes, it’s fairly normal. I’ve never had a partner do it, but I’ve had non-partners act strange around me after I appeared in their dreams, and their romantic partners would often confirm they’d experienced dream-related discomfort.

  4. In college, I had an ex who was legitimately enraged by this. #86 was enraged because he opened a can with a can opener and left the lid partially attached.

  5. Simply turn the tables on her. When she asks why you’re pissed, tell her about some stupid ass dream where she was twerk-dancing on some guy.

  6. If I didn’t know people who had relationships end because of what one person did in the other’s dreams, this would be hilarious. As if they have any say in the matter.

  7. Unfortunately, I know a girl like this. She also tells people that she does this to her boyfriend because she thinks it’s amusing. Some people claim that being too jealous is a positive trait that indicates that you love too much.

  8. This was something my ex did a lot of times. She accused me of trying to start a war when I told her it was unfair to be angry at me for something I did in a dream.

  9. My wife sometimes has nightmares about naughty things. She’s not angry at me or something, but she can’t sleep at night without saying, “Dream you were an asshole.” She’s not demanding apologies or accusing me or something like that, but dreams will linger long after you’ve awoken.

  10. My ex had a dream that I was having an affair with one of her friends, Hazel.

    She confronted me in the dream, and I replied, “What is it to you?”

    Thankfully, instead of causing me grief in real life, we had a good laugh about it. We used to have a good laugh whenever we saw a girl with the nametag ‘Hazel.’

  11. This happened to me with my first girlfriend when I was 18 years old. She was furious with me because I had betrayed her in her dream. ‘It could happen,’ the reasoning went. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders could potentially whisk me away for a weekend of pizza and beer as well.

  12. As a husband who has been jolted awake by my wife after she has had a dream, I understand. This is something I completely understand.

  13. This is a dilemma that only dreamers have. Anyone attempting to blame someone who did nothing wrong is engaging in extreme, manipulative nonsense. They need to either check themselves or have a serious, boundary-setting conversation with the other person.

  14. My husband and I have been together for 36 years. In no way have I ever been unfaithful. This is the third time it has happened to me. It was amusing the first time. It’s no longer the case.

  15. PSA to anyone dating anyone who gets upset about anything like this: They are nervous and inexperienced themselves, and you should be transparent and frank with them about it, as well as discuss whether they really trust you. They’re probably not worth dating or your time if they disagree. Respect yourself and form a healthy bond with someone who cares for you.

  16. It was something she _dreamed_ about. He was still imprisoned. It’s been almost THREE DECADES. I assume it’s a case of “male privilege.”

  17. My wife is similar to this in several ways. She claims to have nearly hit me when she awoke angry, but she lets it go after we talk. She’s not upset that it happened; she’s upset because she saw the visual play out.

  18. I had a dream that my husband would not kiss me and would no longer want to be with me, and I’ve been sad about it all day. It’s mind-boggling how real dreams can feel. Dreams of being pregnant have been especially upsetting.

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