Making comics is such a millennial thing to do

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  1. While I am a Millennial, I have always identified with Generation X. Before today, that is. This is the first Millennial meme that has really resonated with me.

  2. Is the whole millennial thing true? and I’ve always felt like I’ve lost my identity and have no idea what I’m doing with my life Is this a universal human characteristic, or is it something that many millenials face? a serious query

  3. Every Generation that has ever existed:

    > Older Generations: Self-centered jerks who have destroyed it for everyone.

    > New Generation: Misunderstood people struggling to make ends meet in a society that is more complicated than any other.

    > Younger Generations: Naive and obnoxious… can’t they see we’re in pain?

    Rinse, lather, and rinse.

  4. We’re the original “Fuck it” generation, as Gen-Xers. Is it possible to make a living drawing absurd comics? Fuck it, young man, you do you.

  5. Great comic, particularly because you didn’t make the same mistake as everyone else on Reddit and confused “Gen X” with “Boomers.”

    Excellent job!

  6. I’m a member of Generation Z, and I suggest that we use social media to drown our sorrows. The planet is fucked, the markets are fucked, and the nations are fucked. Let me use social media to drown it out.

  7. I should have asked out the Boomer before dating me, a Gen X: Damn, I should have asked out the Boomer before dating me, I want cookies.

  8. So we’ve got traditional teenagers/young adults, people in their mid-to-late twenties who are somewhat stressed out, parents, and grandparents. What makes this generation different from every other group of generations in history? This is actually the progression of aging.

  9. That last panel reminds me of one of my favorite retorts to being called fat: “I’m just fat because your mother makes cookies every time I reach her.”

  10. As a member of Generation X, I wish this weren’t real… but it is XD

    More contacts XP shows a longer list of nopes. And things like not giving a damn and being terse. I don’t give a damn about someone’s work in general, however many of my friends do.

    In addition, every Millennial I know is a Millennial.

  11. I’m 22 years old and deleted all of my social media accounts when I was 17 years old due to cancer and social anxiety.

    I am not, in any way, painfully alone.

  12. I approve and am appalled by this message as someone who was born in the uncomfortable time frame between Generation X and Millennials.

  13. When you think about it, generations are literally grief periods.

    Denialist Baby Boomers

    Generation X negotiating

    Depression among millennials

    and Zoomers are just embracing the fact that something is mixed up.

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