meanwhile in Nepal

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  1. Traveling abroad has always been linked to stomach problems, and this is also true for some visitors to the United States. It doesn’t mean it’s sterile just because it’s drinkable.

  2. My friend nearly died in Iraq from dehydration brought on by diarrhea after eating some local vegetables. The chicken and rice were always delicious and healthy to eat because they were fried, but there was a reason why we weren’t allowed to eat the vegetables.

  3. I’m referring to Yes, I agree. Bacterial fauna differs from one area to the next. The natives of the drinking source are used to it, and it is normal for their gut flora. In the same way as the water in most European countries is unfit for human consumption, the water in Nepal is also unfit for human consumption. But I’m not sure what the issue is.

  4. When I lived in India, we would go hours without drinking water or peeing before we returned home, where we could drink boiled water and use a clean bathroom. Laugh out loud. Don’t try to fool me, I’m Indian.

  5. That appears to be the case. In India, I made the mistake of eating unsanitary pani puri from a street cart and paid the ultimate price. Before returning home, I had lost almost 5 pounds.

  6. I’ve never had diarrhea as bad as I did in the Dominican Republic, and the only tap water I had was from showering, brushing my teeth, and other such activities. I am not a drinker. But holy fuck, I’ve never had anything like it before, and it lasted for ten days. I’ll never take tap water in the United Kingdom for granted again.

  7. When moving through Suriname’s jungle, I came across a similar warning. The guide said it’s safe to drink for locals, but we Europeans might get diarrhea because we’re not used to it. They provided us with special water dispensers that included carbon filters. Often follow the advice of the locals.

  8. I’ve visited Nepal. Bottled water was not readily accessible when I was there. I had to drink well water, which was definitely not good for my stomach.

  9. Have you ever visited rural Africa? I’ve been Zanzibar. The bottled water has seals on it, and the hotels seem to have special suppliers. We once ate some local cuisine and later regretted it.

  10. Allow me to provide some background. People from western countries get stomach upset while drinking cold water from the Indian subcontinent, regardless of ethnicity. When we visit India for vacations, we notice it. Drinking filtered or boiling water is the only option.

  11. Maybe it’s because I live in Texas and we’re close to Mexico, but if you drink water from other nations, you’re tempting fate. And ice cubes aren’t enough.


    I have a lot of relatives who have told me tales about Montezuma’s vengeance.

  12. When I first visited the Philippines, I was confined to a hotel room for three days due to excruciating, almost continuous diarrhea. It was most likely caused by a glass of tap water that I drank without thinking about it.

  13. It’s not a joke; it’s real. I spent three months in Nepal. You can only drink bottled water or boil the water that the Nepalis drink. Often, be cautious about where you eat and what you eat. You can’t equate the resistance of Nepali people’s digestive systems to that of Westerners. Diheria is no laughing matter, particularly with the standing toilets. You don’t want the shambles, believe me.

  14. As a frequent traveler from the United States, I’ve been in this position before. If you don’t get used to it, you’ll end up spewing all over the place.

  15. Drinking water straight from the tap is something I would never tire of in the United States after growing up abroad. I still can’t recall the last time I had food poisoning.

  16. If this were an American situation, I imagine the response would be “lmao get proper sanitization nerds,” but because it isn’t, I can only feel rightfully embarrassed for being too spoiled by civilization’s conveniences.

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