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  1. There are projects to give them more control to micromanage.

    I see that at 11:23am you stopped typing for 30 seconds.
    It took more than five minutes for you to respond to an email I sent you earlier today.
    Hello, hello, Right now, I am looking at your screen and I don’t see anything being done right now on the machine.

  2. My project manager, Jokes on you, has been one of our remote staff for years: D She is like M/Moneypenny, she feels like calling headquarters to address the next mission, contacting her

    Yeah, and before each of our meetings, she sends me adorable photos of her puppy.

  3. I hate all this work at home stuff! It shows just how redundant managers are and I can’t monitor my workers visually like it’s 1998! -The Supervisors

  4. My philosophy for working is this:

    When you own an office house, and there aren’t all the employees in it. You have to off-load the burden.

    Who, though, needs an office building when the workers are all remote? Oh, nobody. And that’s who.

    You now have a worthless, vacant, costly building working against you. You MUST fill it out, or it doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Where the fuck is the turnover down there? I’ve never seen turnover as big as it was last year. Working full time from home is bad for well-being.

  6. My boss has been itching from the start to finish work from home, and he’s been going to the office all the time.

    He’s not a micro-manager, he really doesn’t like himself working at home, and he doesn’t like being in an empty office, even though he may barely be talking to you all day long.

  7. I really mean, as a manager, the accomplishments of your team are because of them and their mistakes are because of you, at least when you deal with your boss.

  8. But seriously, this “social distancing” thing we should be doing forever. We also effectively subsidized the inability of companies to trust their employees to genuinely work without some overpaid drop out of high school peering over their shoulder at all times by expecting individuals to drive on ever-expanding freeways and streets.

  9. Turnover is down because individuals are afraid to enter the market, Tbf. Companies do not fill vacancies until a long-term strategy is in effect, but you ask anyone in management and they would have assumed that by April of last year we would be back in office.

  10. The office reminds me of this.

    > Really, while I’m not here, they just don’t get too much work done. This isn’t real. I know how to delegate, and when I am not here, they do more work. Not any more. There is the same amount of work done, whether or not I am here.

  11. The question is partly connected – as it was in the joke. Productivity is up?

    For one, I feel trapped and waisting at online meetings for a lot of time. When I should have been unblocked by a 10-minute chat and huddling with cowoerkers.

    All – don’t you miss the talk of the water cooler?

  12. Even though they’re totally useless, I work online and my boss gets credit for things. Their whole job is simply to forward my emails to the consumer.

  13. If working from home has taught me something, it’s that without much change in production, you might get rid of about half the management.

  14. There were one or two people in every job I ever had in an office that constantly annoyed other people. They got their stuff finished at the end of the week, but everyone else was struggling.

    Those are the people who hate this stuff about WFH.

  15. I hate working from home, totally.
    I hardly get anything done and work late, because I remember I haven’t been effective all day, which is messing with my mental health.

  16. Since I started working from home, productivity has NOT been up for me, but that’s likely because I’m a chronic masturbator.

  17. The management theory I really liked was that, if you can’t add value, go do something else. If you can’t decide who you should trust and just leave their job at a low level that you don’t understand, then you just get in the fucking way.

  18. As much as your boss may have liked your shoulder looming,

    The manager of his boss’s boss likes to save millions of dollars a year in rent.

  19. Is performance up though?

    I wonder if I’m really as efficient at home as I am at the workplace.

    I’m more relaxed, of course, but the job output? Hey, stress? I don’t remember, you know,

    To try to test out if the advantages outweigh the cons, it would be good to do 50/50. Anyway, at least for me,

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