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  1. I despise my job, but I despise the fact that I have to work in the first place. Mondays are the last day of the week when I am free to do whatever I want.

  2. Since it’s a Bank Holiday Monday, I’m reading this at home. I’m still being paid to stay at home!

    FTW for the United Kingdom

  3. Mondays are my least favorite days because I never get enough sleep the night before. The lack of sleep, combined with the fact that I’m still recovering from the weekend, makes for a dreadful day. By Tuesday, I’m normally back to normal.

  4. I like my career, but Mondays are always a drag. Sure, my work is fantastic, but do you know what’s even better? I’m not carrying out my duties.

  5. My work is not one that I despise. I simply despise the fact that some of my coworkers believe it is their duty to make my life more difficult. Like, fuck off, we work for the same company; instead of arguing over petty nonsense, we should be working together to achieve our goals.

  6. “Oh, you despise your job? There’s a party for that!” Everyone is the name of the party, and we meet at the bar.” Rodney Dangerfield (Rodney Dangerfield) I’m convinced.

  7. It’s not the job; it’s getting your vacation cut short after just two days. And as an adult, the weekend is primarily spent preparing for the coming week, with time for a movie thrown in for good measure.

  8. This is what I was worried about today. Is there some job that going to work on a Monday isn’t the worst? I’m curious if it’s consistent through occupations because you’re transitioning from unstructured independence to being reminded that you don’t have it.

  9. I really believe that there isn’t a work on the planet that I don’t despise Mondays.

    Hours of sad boy hours, but I think we’ve messed up as a species by normalizing this degree of exploitation.

  10. On the plus hand, tax season makes Mondays bearable by diluting time into an unrecognizable slurry.

    The 17th of May can’t come fast enough.

  11. Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week. I should be rested after the weekend on Monday. Tuesday, I’m running low on steam. We’re halfway through the week, and my energy levels are low, and the prospect of a new weekend to rest doesn’t appear until Thursday. The hope that the week is almost over compensates for the feelings of energy drain on Thursday and Friday.

  12. I still forget that not everyone feels the same way, and I’ll say things like “I’m going to hang myself during the coffee break,” expecting a nod of approval and a swift “same,” but all I get is a worried look and a question like “are you okay?” No, no, I’m not Brenda, hence the joke; now just nod your head in agreement and let’s get this trainwreck of small talk over with, Jesus Christ.

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