My coworker parked in the wrong lot near the building

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  1. To be honest, this is really charitable.

    Where I reside, you have about 90 seconds to park in an inconvenient location before a tow vehicle arrives.

    Not until the call is made. Before a tow truck arrives and *immediately* begins hooking you up, no questions asked.

  2. I’m referring to When you have your own parking space and someone just doesn’t care and parks there, it’s infuriating.
    I can see 5-10 minutes as an emergency or a fast case, but an entire day? Your acquaintance is a jerk.

  3. All that is required is a simple request to park somewhere else. Tow the automobile next time. It’s essentially the same as stealing.

  4. Through my eyes, I can sense the aggression.

    It would be interesting to track down and speak with the author. I’m sure they’re like those tiny dogs who bark and flash their teeth all the time but scream bloody murder when a feline swipes at them.

  5. It’s much better to get a cranky warning note than to have your car towed. If you’re going to park illegally in a residential lot, at least park in the visitor spots.

  6. Examine the property’s entryway. There is most likely a little sign warning all who enter that if they are not authorized to park there, they will be pulled.

    It’s always a bummer to get home and discover your car has vanished.

  7. I apologize, brother.

    **a significant amount**

    for this blunder.

    I had no intention of parking here.

    style=”color:red” > p style=”color:red” >

    Please accept my apologies./p>

  8. When they utilize three fonts and a red warning, you know they’re serious.

    It almost certainly cost them more to print that than they would ever receive. Lol.

  9. Because the parking lot had no fence, people would just assume it was fine to park there, my designated place was routinely “stolen.” At first, I attempted to place a sign on the property that made it quite clear that it was reserved.

    It would still be accepted. It’s quite aggravating.

  10. This is really too forceful in my opinion. Still, I believe your coworker should disregard it and avoid parking in this location in the future. Of course this letter is silly but I know from experience how annoying it is when someone constantly parks on your spot.

  11. Better a curt note than a $700 tow bill. It’ll be even worse if the towing business is anything like the Lincoln Park Pirates -.

  12. To be honest, if I were paying rent and someone grabbed my reserved seat, I’d be furious.

    There are signs everywhere that say “RESERVED FOR TENANT” or “VISITOR.”

    I wouldn’t have left a note if I hadn’t wanted you to be towed.

  13. As a teacher, I’m overjoyed that this typist was able to distinguish “a lot.” I see “a lot” used as a single word far too frequently. Here’s when the automatic spell check comes in handy!

  14. I like how he took a few lines to put “of money,” as if he’s thinking of kidnapping your family but doesn’t want the note to sound absolutely insane.

  15. Whoa! That’s a lesson learned, I suppose. But that’s a little too aggressive.

    (To be clear, I agree that this individual has the right to demand that no one park in their space.) The red “warned” was passive aggressive on its own. It’s not a problem for me! I’m hoping the person that parked there learnt his or her lesson.

  16. They probably mean they’ll have the automobile towed, but this note makes it sound like they’re going to burn your cat to death.

  17. It reminds me of the nasty letter my next-door neighbor left on my car, threatening to have it towed if I “parked on her grass” again. After it was hit and flung onto her yard, the car’s rear end was completely crushed, with bits and pieces scattered all over the place. Some individuals…

  18. I could picture myself getting irritated if I had paid for a reserved spot and returned home unable to find a parking spot. The typed letter is a little excessive, but I believe it is justified.

  19. The note giver isn’t wrong. Short of calling a towing company, there’s nothing else he can do except fucking up/Destroying your car.

    I’m guessing he pays a premium on his rent for that parking spot, and having a complete stranger park there must be really aggravating.

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