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  1. When I was a teenager, a doctor inquired if I smoked, drank, did drugs, and other things, and they didn’t believe me because my mother was present.

    Rather than forcing them to leave, they simply thought I was.

  2. In a separate incident, when I went to the ER for testicle pain, the doctor questioned if I had unprotected anal sex. That caught me off guard, and I laughed out loud for a couple of seconds before realizing he needed to know.

  3. My mother gave me a handful of condoms when I was 13 and warned me to be careful. That was the end of it. That was her concept of a “conversation.” She was quite humiliated, so I simply took them and assured her that I would be careful.

    Filling them full with water to hurl at my buddies a few days later was done with extreme caution.

  4. Then there’s me, who got in a lot of trouble for asking my father to leave. He was forced to, and when we went home, his gf and he didn’t believe me during the ‘questioning.’

  5. I was recently asked this question at the doctor’s office. When I said yes, the PA gave me a fist bump and exclaimed, “Right on!” I’m 43 years old. It was weird.

  6. I went to the doctor with my girlfriend a couple of years ago for a checkup. She was diagnosed with a UTI, and one of the things she was asked was, “Are you sexually active?” to which she replied affirmatively.

    That would have been OK, but her father was also present. You can imagine how uncomfortable and tense the situation was for the three of us. It’s definitely amusing now.

  7. This conversation reminds me of when my wife and I were expecting our first kid. With my father-in-law in the room, the nurse steps in at noon the day following the birth and begins the dialogue, “Ok, what are you planning to do for birth control now that we know you are exceptionally fertile?”

  8. My mother would always leave the room before the appointment was finished. She stated that you may not feel comfortable asking me to leave at some point, but it is critical that the doctor get all of the information.

  9. My favorite story about my friend’s response to the inquiry, “Are you sexually active?” He was a first-year university student.

    “Are you sexually active?” asks the doctor.

    “Yes,” says a friend.

    “How many sexual partners have you had?” the doctor inquires.

    “I’m sorry, I misread the question,” says a friend.

  10. “Are you sexually attractive?” I thought at first. And I was thinking to myself, “Damn, physician, you just murdered a kid today.”

  11. Lol. This is a true story.
    Because it’s ‘time,’ mothers are bringing in their 16-year-old daughters for contraception.
    So when I ask if she’s close to being ready, she answers no.

  12. From the age of 14 or so, my parents ceased coming into the room with me; if the Doctor had anything important to tell them, he’d call them in. During a physical examination, no teenager wants their parents there.

  13. If you only ask your mother to leave the room if she says yes, the simple act of asking her to go is an affirmation. When the answer is yes, you maintain deniability by having her leave the room regardless of the answer.

  14. I went to the doctor when I was 15 because I was having stomach pains. I requested my mother to leave the room since the doctor wanted to examine my balls. When I take off my jeans, this doctor kneels down and places her face so close to my dick and balls that I could feel her breath on them.

  15. I didn’t have a parent in the room the first time I was asked this question. I was unfortunate in that I had no concept what “sexually active” meant. Yes, I thought that meant like, jerking off…. The need of condom use was stressed by the Nurse Practitioner. I quickly changed my answer to “no” as I then understood what it meant.

  16. Then there’s me, who got into a lot of difficulty for requesting that my father leave. He was compelled to, and his gf and he didn’t believe me during the ‘questioning’ when we got home.

  17. This question was recently posed to me in the doctor’s office. The PA gave me a fist bump and shouted, “Right on!” when I answered yes. I am a 43-year-old woman. It was perplexing.

  18. In a side note, when I went to the ER for testicle pain, the doctor inquired if I had unprotected anal sex. That surprised me, and I laughed out loud for a few moments before realizing he needed to know.

  19. “Do you strike me as sexually appealing?” At first, I thought. “Damn, physician, you just murdered a kid today,” I thought to myself.

  20. Setting unreasonable goals for yourself. As if the parent would actually respect their child’s privacy enough to leave the room willingly.

  21. That was me at a blood drive in high school.

    “Have you visited… in the previous 60 days?”


    “Have you had sexual activity with someone from…… in the last 60 days?”


    “Have you had sexual activity with anyone in the recent 30 days?”

    Look, I’m a knucklehead. No, I’m not having anything to do with anyone!

  22. I had surgery when I was 14, and the only time I’ve been asked that question in the doctor’s office was during the background check. I hesitated because I was extremely ashamed. My mother boldly replied “no” for me. My parents must know I’m good because they don’t say anything…

  23. My friend was in a similar predicament. He didn’t ask his father to leave and instead answered “no.” His dad proceeded to laugh and make fun of him for being a virgin

  24. I used to believe that having crushes meant being sexually active, therefore I recall saying yes during a few trips when I was around 12. My mother was undoubtedly perplexed, but she said nothing.

  25. The last time I answered this question I just said that I was asexual and the doctor didn’t question it any further. It was really nice.

  26. I brought in a really embarrassed young patient with c/c of penile pain who didn’t want to answer many questions as a fresh new baby EMT. During the handoff:

    Is he sexually active, nurse?

    Me: To tell you the truth, we didn’t get very far. However, he could be willing to speak with you.

    Nurse: Women are aware.

    Me: “Probably not,” I say.

    Nurse: That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  27. Because they are devout, my parents would appreciate knowing that their daughter is not sexually active. They’ll be like BuT BuT wHaT aBoUt OuR gRaNdBaBiEs??? if I tell them I’m not sexually active forever because I have no interest in it and not due of religious reasons.

  28. I said no to a psychiatrist once but then admitted later to getting a blow job and he called me Bill Clinton. I just assumed it didn’t matter.

  29. Doctors don’t believe me every time I say no, which irritates me. What good would it do you to lie for that?

    “Do you engage in sexual activity?”


    “How long has it been since you had sex?”

    “I’m not sure, maybe 2-3 years ago?”

    “Are you certain? You are free to inform me.”

  30. When I was 16 and had never had a girlfriend, my grandmother simply inquired why I didn’t have one, then inquired whether I “loved tiny girls or young boys?”

    My grandmother was a nasty scumbag.

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