My sister: “You can do the half-marathon with me! Trust me, it’s not that bad.” …

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  1. The Staten Island half marathon was my first half marathon. I remember wanting to cry at the end because I had worked so hard in the weeks leading up to this race, but had gotten so little sleep the night before. I just made it in time, but I’m grateful for my participation award!

  2. I’m a bicyclist who can easily ride 100 kilometers in a day; my longest distance was 250 kilometers in 11 hours; however, when I go for a run, I die the moment I step outside my door.

  3. “Would you like to do something heinous and excruciating?”

    “No,” says the speaker.

    “How about a combination of bad and painful?”

    “What do you mean, no?”

  4. I recall reading Born to Run, where the author talks about ultra marathons and how difficult they are. It gives the impression that a daily marathon is a piece of cake—the author almost assumes that the reader knows and agrees with this. Forget about a half marathon.

    Meanwhile, I’m running out of breath chasing my dog down the street.

  5. The longest run/jog I’ve ever done was almost ten miles. After that, I felt like total garbage for the next three days. That’s when I knew I couldn’t keep running indefinitely. I was sure I could do it up until that point.

  6. My wife finally completed a half marathon, and in preparation for it, she did a few 5Ks.

    I recall her looking bad and miserable during the first 5K, but she somehow managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other up the final hill to the finish line. I was certain she would never run again.

    She did, however.

  7. I’ve been running for four and a half years and I’m always baffled as to how anyone can enjoy the discomfort. The sensation of drinking ice cold water after a run, on the other hand, is pure bliss! And, the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

  8. After 8k, the only way I can keep moving forward is to think “left meatstick down and back, right meatstick down and back, left…” I’ve run two half marathons, and the last few miles were played over and over in my head for about 30 minutes. Along with the occasional “hahaha, my meatsticks are faster than his pathetic ones” and/or “her meatsticks are NOT faster than mine, she must be doping, fucking BULLSHIT,”

  9. In seventh grade, I ran a half marathon and it was a disaster. As others have said, the first 10 or so miles aren’t all that bad once you’re in shape, but that last mile or so was brutal. For the last few hundred feet, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t feel my legs. I finished in 2:18 and then slept for about 12 hours.

  10. That’s fantastic! Based on your history, it seems that you were at least somewhat prepared.

    Only a word of caution to others: don’t just rush into running distances you’re unfamiliar with. It is harmful to your health. You must be able to run the whole course in good shape or you will be injured.

    The aim isn’t to suffer. Running should not be painful. Stick to a workout routine and pay attention to your body.

  11. I had a GF in high school who had two brothers who had run the Boston Marathon. They passed us around the 20-mile mark. One was flexing with his shirt off, while the other seemed to be about to pass out.

  12. You and your sister should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished! If it’s okay with you, I’d like to point out that you should be particularly proud of this photograph because you completed it despite the fact that it was difficult – you kept going and working, which is truly remarkable. It exemplifies real inner strength and resolve. Very commendable!

  13. With a friend, I ran a 5k/10 miler. She ran the 10 miles while I ran the 5k. Despite this, she finished ahead of me. With all the ladies in their 70s and 80s, I was in the last 20. But I succeeded!

  14. To be fair, the first marathon runner in Greece died shortly after his arrival, so it’s not unreasonable to expect to be tired! Congratulations on accepting the challenge!

  15. I once ran a half marathon. Just ONCE. When I got to the end, I noticed that some people do the same thing over and over again. No way. That is not the case for me.

  16. In baseball, there is no screaming, but there is sobbing in distance running.

    P.S. For the first 12 miles of my first half marathon, I felt pretty good. Then all of my main organs began to fail. At the end, I was probably thinking, “Never again.”

  17. My ex-wife wanted me to participate in Disney World’s “Tower of Terror 10 mile race” in 2014. She’s been running for a long time, so 10 miles is nothing new to her. She completed it in under an hour. Since tearing my right hamstring in 2009, I haven’t run. It took me less than two hours to complete. I’m never going to race again.

  18. Even if you see the camera and try to smile despite the fact that every part of your legs is on fire, race photos are rarely healthy!

  19. People are admiring other runners because they seem to be in such a happy and peaceful state.
    People who see me running assume she’s being pursued by bees. This is a strange situation for her to be in.

  20. I completely sympathize with you! As a “birthday present” for my other half, I did the same. Never, ever again! He’ll be able to do it on his own next time. I’ll be at the burger and coffee truck.

    However, congratulations on completing!

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