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  1. I prefer working night shift, but I was fortunate enough to find a three-day-a-week, 12-hour shift job. My last over-night job was at Planet Fitness, which I also enjoyed. Night shifts are a legitimate option.

  2. I work nights, and yes, I leave in the morning and bid everyone good night.

    When someone mentions “tomorrow,” you must specify which “tomorrow” they are referring to.

  3. For years, I worked thirds. Maybe it was because we started on Sunday night and finished on Friday morning that I couldn’t remember what day it was. I didn’t always know what month it was.

  4. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh was so good that I bought TWO copies. It makes me pleased whenever I see her works being used or recreated.

  5. When your shift pattern is messed up, it’s a pain. I can take Saturday off, work Sunday, then take Monday off before returning to work on Tuesday. It’s fantastic to sleep away your day off.

  6. I worked 12-hour night shifts for four years. This is quite correct. I only needed to know when Wednesday was so that I could begin my work week. I don’t miss the hours, but I do miss the culture of the night shift and my 7 a.m. drinking companions.

  7. That is correct! I’m in my 12th year working in the cemetery, and my family knows better than to ask me what day it is. However, I can tell you that tonight is my Friday!!!!

    Additionally, if you work night shifts, attempt to have your SO schedule time off.
    SO – Hun, I need you to take the 11th off, Me – fine, I’ll put in for the 12th, SO – NO, I said the 11th, Me – ok, I’ll put in for the 12th, SO – NO, I said the 11th, Me – ok, I’ll put in for the 12th…

  8. It’s even better when you say ‘Goodnight’ to your coworkers in the middle of the day and they return with a ‘Goodnight’.

  9. Some of the schedules you guys keep are insane! I’m a night walker as well, and we’re on a 7pm-7am schedule. Wednesday-Wednesday is a two-day weekend. So I start on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. and finish the following Wednesday at 7 a.m. Going home on my “Friday night” at 7 a.m., collapsing for a few hours, and waking up to what is essentially my Saturday morning is incredibly annoying.

  10. Years ago, I had a roommate who was often perplexed as to why I slept all day. I always told her I had worked 12 hours straight, all night, until 6 a.m.
    “Of course!” exclaims the speaker. “Why did you sleep all day!” the next day.

  11. I constantly check my watch for the date because my work days are always two distinct dates, so I never know which one it is. Because I’m a day sleeper, yesterday was yesterday, but today is also yesterday. Daywalkers will never comprehend our tribulations.

  12. How can you not be messed up depending on what day of the week it is? From 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., I work. I get out of bed on the same day I went to bed. It can be difficult to process at times.

  13. Coming home around 6 a.m., cooking up some spicy-ass nachos, pouring a great scotch, and sitting outside watching the sunrise is the thing I miss the most about night shift. My neighbors and wife assumed I was an alcoholic, but it was my time to unwind.

  14. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said on my way out of work in the morning, “I’ll do x tomorrow…I mean tonight…I mean you know what I mean…”

  15. And that’s exactly how I blew it by doing an overnight work on the wrong day, costing my firm thousands of dollars, landing us in the headlines, and receiving a written warning.

  16. In security, I used to work 12-hour overnight shifts, swapping nights with another guy. For nearly 8 hours, I was completely alone. It was incredible; I spent the entire night watching movies and keeping an eye on the cameras. I had no idea what day it was, to be honest.

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