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  1. I believe the pandemic exposed the scumbag bosses where it hurts… Yelp, not Glassdoor…the bottom line when no one wants to work for you. True labor supply and demand capitalism.

  2. I consider myself quite fortunate to have gotten a new job in this atmosphere. I applied on Indeed and received a call about an interview within an hour. I interviewed, received an offer for $3 an hour more than any other rival, and began working two days later.

  3. They omitted to mention that a master’s degree is required, as well as certificates, in addition to the five years of experience.

  4. This is something I’ve seen on here before. Someone who is clearly dissatisfied with the business has’shopped in the bottom half.

  5. I silently add “for the terrible salary we’re offering” whenever I hear “We can’t find good people to work here.”

  6. However, I’m curious as to what they pay their employees and, more importantly, how they treat them. It says a lot about a firm when there aren’t enough people to open!

  7. You omitted to mention that if you have had any employment gaps in the previous three years, you would be granted an interview and then ghosted.

  8. My job is driving me to drinking and insanity, yet I can’t quit since the market is so volatile. I guess I’ll just drink instead.

  9. I love how Republicans blame unemployment benefits for people not applying for work instead of the low wages that businesses have been able to get away with for so long.

  10. This is why no one wants to go to work. It’s not for the sake of unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits allow people to avoid working. When they claim that unemployment benefits should be reduced so that people will choose to return to work. What they truly mean is that we need to remove all other options and force individuals to return to work. The elites require the return of their tiny slaves.

  11. At the airport, my family dresses up to meet other families. None of them have become as famous as the granny in the dinosaur costume, but a few have.

  12. I work for a company that has a hard time finding individuals to work for $12 an hour.

    At $19 an hour, a major competitor is hiring for the same exact job.

    I’m still perplexed as to why we’re short-staffed…

  13. Raise your pay, and people will queue outside your door. Why do some people have such a difficult time solving this problem?

  14. I recently received notification from a company that they had opted not to hire me for a position I had applied for.
    Since I applied for this post in May 2019, I thought it strange.
    Wonderful recruitment process by Puma

  15. Due to a staffing shortage, a local restaurant posted a sign stating that it would no longer be operating in the evenings…

    They’ve never worked in the evening. At any point. Breakfast is served there. I believe that was just a snobby owner attempting to make a point about the situation.

  16. I’m glad I read that jab because it had the same information. 3x

    I despise having to upload a résumé just to have to retype it within the application. What a load of nonsense. The identical queries, rephrased to filter quick clicks, are also inconvenient. You should be credited for the application time for some jobs.

  17. Due to a staffing shortage, a local restaurant posted a sign stating that they would no longer be open for evening hours…

    They’ve never worked in the evenings. At any time. They’re a brunch establishment. Just a shitty owner trying to make a comment on the current situation I guess.

  18. Where have all my grumpy hiring managers and HR personnel vanished to? I’d want to hear your mental gymnastics in order to rationalize all the misery you’ve put us through, hahaha.

  19. Forgot to mention: once you’ve sent your resume, join our application site and complete your profile with the information you included in your resume. We’d tell you that the profile autofills information from your resume, but it’ll mess up the dialogue boxes and force you to fix it manually anyway!

  20. It’s not that no one wants to work; it’s that no one wants to work for minimum wage in an oppressive workplace.

    You won’t have any problems finding staff if you pay them a reasonable wage and modify your attitude toward them.

  21. I despise it when employers want extensive experience for entry-level positions.

    It’s just ridiculous.

    My phone was almost harakiri’d by this comment. I’ve never seen so many responses and notifications in my life.

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