Retention Strategy

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  1. It’s all churn and burn for me. They know the vast majority of their new hires will leave within two years, but there’s an endless line waiting to join them, and the most important thing they need is warm bodies; the rest can be learned on the job.

  2. I’ve been at my current job for three years. My good friend was referred to a business that will be starting soon.

    My friend is going to come in at a marginally higher salary with less experience after I just got a pay rise this year.

    Since my company is attempting to concentrate on retention, it makes me doubt a lot of things.

  3. I work in aerospace manufacturing and am anticipating a significant rise in workload in the coming months. My bosses have asked everyone to take on additional jobs, but we’re all going nonstop.

  4. If you are seen using something at the company where I work, you are immediately considered an expert. My friend was asked to track some equipment for a few hours and then found himself in charge of the project because the people who set it up refused to help.

    Added a comma where it wasn’t there before.

  5. In my professional life, I’ve always been a top performer. I got one of those hard-to-come-by 5/5s. My reviews were almost all 4/5. Raises are good, but they never keep up with what a person who jumps ship would get.

  6. Isn’t this the case?

    Oh, and make the Administrative Assistants the department’s lowest-paid employees. They are, without a doubt, the most valuable asset and the most valuable employee you have.

  7. – Send them a successful+ on their PMA – Tell them that if they keep up the good work, their term status will be transformed to indeterminate – Threaten to give them a bad reference if they want to quit

    / / / / /

  8. There were a number of “doctor’s visits” for me. I recalled that the partner probably believed something was wrong and that they don’t care for your well-being in the first place.

  9. “Hey, at the very least, we have fun activities (every day) to motivate our squad, er, our BIG HAPPY FAMILY, so we can overwork them even more!! And don’t forget that having a good time is a must.”

  10. Tell me why I just started working at Lowes and they won’t answer their phones? I couldn’t get to work because I was having car trouble, and I called 18 times and they never picked up the phone? But now I have two no-call no-shows when I should have none, and I’m probably going to be fired.

  11. That nonsense isn’t going to work. This was done by an employer. Before starting a new job, give notice… I had a new career lined up before my notice period expired.

  12. This is far too personal. But I just got a job offer for a travel position that pays $2834 per week, so I’m starting my two weeks on Monday. My current base salary is $52k per year.

  13. I’m sick and tired of strategic understaffing. In the deli, I can’t even serve customers properly. I’m sure it’s the same in other places. It’s revolting.

  14. When you become so good at your job that your employer wants you to become socially interesting in order to keep your job, as if it were written in the job description

  15. Right now, you should apply for work. It isn’t difficult.

    You’ll be so much happier if you’re no longer subjected to WalMart’s harassment.

  16. Don’t forget to take away their chances at self-improvement. If we take away their opportunity to earn higher wages or find work elsewhere, they would be unable to seek higher wages or find work elsewhere. Besides, they’re not earning us money when they’re honing their skills!

  17. Dear Logistics Hubs, STOP SENDING ME STUFF WE DON’T NEED, I already have a shelf, topstock, and bins full of worthless non-sellers. Thank you so much.

  18. My business has a high turnover rate. I proposed to the VP during a meeting that we recommend raising pay to minimize turnover. Instead, they’ve begun to engage in “fun” activities at work, such as scavenger hunts and amusing picture challenges. It’s a risky move. Let’s see how it works out.

  19. This isn’t going to work. Regardless of how much work you throw at me, I have some spare time, and if I’m stuck in a hellhole career, you can bet I’ll be using it to find a new one.

  20. It’s for this reason that Call Ins exist. And everybody is aware of this. This can often jolt the raise or other request that has been overlooked into action.

  21. Replace the punch line with “convince everyone they’re ‘family’ so they feel obligated to work late hours and accept fuck pay rises.”

  22. I’m not a star athlete, but this is how I’m feeling. I lost out on a lot of opportunities because I was too exhausted from work to devote time to applying.

  23. No way. I’d been there and done that, and I’d done enough to get by, so I quickly floated my resume. After two weeks, I received an offer for more money and more interesting jobs.

    I threw my badge at the ungrateful bitch and said, “You’re done,” taking advantage of the fact that I was in a right-to-work state.

  24. Until recently, this was my situation. When I was approached by a recruiter. I accepted an offer for more oriented duties and more money after a few talks and interviews with a prospective employer. My former colleagues, who are now doing all of my job, wish me luck.

  25. Zon’s biggest issue, in my opinion, is a lack of talent. They have a tough time retaining good talent and getting rid of bad talent.

  26. One of my greatest ambitions is to take advantage of PPTO to take a day off for a work interview. It feels incredible to think that Wal-Mart will pay me to change jobs.

  27. Another incorrect response is to promote them to a role where they can no longer use their talents and, according to the quote, deliberately exacerbate the experience for those under them.

  28. Yes, as well as criticize their jobs, making them feel useless and unable to find work elsewhere. Also, sometimes send them donuts to make them think we like them.

  29. I’m doubling my production, but my boss is fuming because I was away on Teams for too long. This is a nightmare situation.

  30. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

    One year after the team’s only other knowledgeable members left, I eventually received a “retention bonus.” To hold it, I’ll have to stay another year.

    I have received a.7% increase two weeks ago. That’s better than the.5% raise I received last year.

    On the same day as my increase, I applied for a new position, and I should hear back on Monday. I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole.

  31. I was one of the best performers and was promoted to L4 as a result. To give myself enough time to plan, I had to go through two months of interviews and used up most of my PTO.

  32. I’m not sure why I left in the first place. Regrettably, I want to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer. I suppose it’s their loss.

  33. That’s what happened to me.

    I reclaimed them by leaving a few days before a major upgrade was set to take place, and I was the only one in the company who knew how to implement it.

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