Self Checkout

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  1. Self-checkout is one of my favorite features. It’s easy to eat in and out. There aren’t many lines. I only have to call someone over when I buy alcohol.

  2. Multiple checkouts can be overseen by a single person of staff; certainly, there is the possibility of human error, but they wouldn’t keep these items if they weren’t worth it.

  3. I’ve previously worked as a cashier. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to operate the cash register. On the other hand, self-checkout machines seemed to be engineered to slow you down as much as possible.

  4. What’s amusing about all of these comics is that, despite appearing to be wiser than all of the customers, she’s the one running the cash register.

  5. For credit at the pharmacy, press yellow.
    Push red for credit at the supermarket.
    Green for credit at the hardware store.
    For credit, input the gas station’s keypad.

  6. I’ve never seen a cartoon as bad as this. It’s merely a complaint about working in a retail environment. We all know how bad it is. People are awful. It’s the same shit every panel.

  7. To be honest, the majority of the delays I’ve observed have been caused by checks for incorrect weights or age limitations, which force a light to bleep until an operator enters their code.

    It would be much more efficient if such tasks could be automated.

  8. Push yellow for credit at the drugstore.
    Push red for credit at the grocery shop.
    For credit, go to the hardware store and press the green button.
    Gas station – push enter by keypad for credit.

  9. Self-checkouts are improving. Lowe’s used to have some of the worst, but now they’ve improved to the point where they’re equivalent to those at HD. Most of the time, it is faster to use and there is no need to engage with store workers.

  10. A self-checkout quiz that may be added to your rewards/membership card should be available. You shouldn’t be able to utilize self checkout if you can’t turn it in within a specific amount of time.

  11. Self-checkouts irritate me. I buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Look up the item, calculate the weight, and so on. And then there’s the obnoxious bagging area sensor.
    Place the item in the bagging area.
    So I lifted it out to throw it back,,,, I was chastised for removing an item from the bagging area, which I afterwards replaced.
    Alternatively, if you have a lot of groceries, you must remove a full bag from your cart before paying…… Sigh starts to lose its mind.

  12. My internal procedure is as follows:

    *I’ve bought some booze*

    *I have a lot of coupons*

    *I’ve got some clearance items that need to be interacted with*

    Probably not any quicker…

  13. This is how I work internally:

    *It’s time to drink*

    *I received a number of coupons*

    *I have a few clearance things that need to be interacted with*

    Almost certainly not…

  14. Warning: the general public is quite stupid. Working with the public for 20 years has taught me that the bar can always be lowered.

  15. Self checkout tills: signs ALL OVER IT saying it’s card only, NO CASH!

    Customer 1: “Oh, I didn’t realise it didn’t take cash…”
    “Where do I put the money?” says Customer 2.
    “Does the other self-checkout accept cash?” says Customer 3.

    Customers are most likely to run TOWARDS the hot thing in the event of a fire, according to this logic.

  16. Oh my god, as a Harris Teeter cashier, I’m sick of it. Why don’t people know how to use the fucking self-checkout machine? It’s not that difficult.

  17. Self-checkout is fine if you only need a few items, but it’s a headache if you’re doing a weekly shopping trip.

    Managers and executives enjoy it because it allows them to have one employee manage six or more self-checkout tills instead of one traditional one. Customers, however, despise it.

  18. I was leaving the other morning when a 70+ year old man began moaning to the host “There’s only one cash machine up, and it’s being used by that person. I believe you keep self-checkouts for the convenience of Walmart, not the customers!” In the time it took the person to protest or go to one of the six card SCOs available, the gentleman using the cash SCO finished scanning his three goods and paid…

  19. “I despise using these devices; I always have problems with them,” is one of my favourite things to hear.

    Perhaps you should… I’m not sure… instead, get in line and check out at a main register?

  20. It’s funny because I despise everyone’s self-checkout except Fry’s. It’s the only one who doesn’t explain the intricacies of grocery shopping to me.

    Do you want to put the item in the bag? No nonsense, huh? So that’s how it works; I’ve been pushing the substance up into my rectum like this. This will save a great deal of time and blood.


  21. This is about as hilarious as cancer. More retail whining that isn’t worth the effort and doesn’t have a punchline. Why is it that this is being spammed here?

  22. It’s weird, I despise self-checkouts in general, except at Fry’s. It’s the only one that fails to explain the intricacies of grocery shopping to me.

    Is it okay if I put the item in a bag? Isn’t it true that you don’t know what you’re talking about? So that’s how it works; I’m pushing the product into my rectum. This will help you save a lot of time and money.


  23. I’ve been the one who says, “I’ve scanned this 84 times.” Except there was an offer where you had to “input item quantity.” I attempted to hit one. There was no action. I paused for a moment before trying again. And once more. In the end, I rang up 111 Kroger waters….

  24. And yet I’ve seen six year olds be able to zip through the checkouts, but still the grownups can’t utilise one ounce of critical thinking to figure out even the easiest thing.

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