Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

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  1. > In the freezer, there’s a ghost

    A demon in the fridge, respectable pay or not, is a major no-no for me. I’m not the keymaster, and I have no intention of fucking Zuul.

  2. No one wants to work a job that pays too little to make ends meet. Why would I work and go hungry when I could just go hungry?

  3. “When I was working, we made friends with the devil, and he paid for our college tuition, which was ten dollars a year.”

  4. I’m curious how much of the current fast food staffing shortage is due to high school students who are unable to get vaccinated and have weighed the risk of being sick at a service job against the meager pay they will receive there.

  5. There’s no reason why management couldn’t employ a trained local exorcist to do the job, but instead they insist on us waiting for Corporate to send a ‘Demon Guy.’

  6. I wouldn’t wait; I’d go somewhere else. The company, not the worker or the customer, is responsible for providing sufficient labor compensation to satisfy consumer demand.

  7. No one wants to work for a salary that does not allow them to live comfortably. No one wants to be handled as if they were garbage.

  8. The majority of people want to work, but they don’t want to work in a dingy job for dingy pay. It doesn’t take a doctorate in economics to realize this.

  9. “No one wants to work any longer…” for salaries that don’t cover their living expenses or allow them to maintain their health.



  10. > In the freezer, there’s a ghost

    A demon in the fridge, respectable pay or not, is a major no-no for me. I’m not the keymaster, and I have no intention of fucking Zuul.

    Edit: a couple of you need Jesus to summon the Ghostbusters.

  11. It’s an unusual social movement, with both labor and businesses rethinking their positions. Expect a lot of automation in the future.

  12. “Please be careful with the personnel who did arrive. COUGH, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH BREATHE! Nobody wants to go to work any longer.”

  13. No, sir, you’re saying it incorrectly. It is no longer the case that no one wants to work. Nobody wants to live “HERE” any longer.

  14. This is something that everybody can see:
    “Surviving an Unlivable Wage,” a CBS series, focuses on food industry workers who depend on food banks and food stamps to feed their families. What the hell is wrong with this image?

  15. At my Whataburger, I swear they should put up signs like this. I despise how people become enraged when they have to wait 20 minutes or more for their food. I don’t know what made them think they’d get their food quicker inside after seeing how long the line was outside.

  16. > No one wants to work anymore because we won’t pay a fair salary, and even if we did, we wouldn’t give enough hours to make a difference to anybody.


  17. “No one wants to live anymore,” says the narrator.

    To put it another way, everybody is recruiting, and no one wants to work for $10 an hour with no benefits and erratic schedules.

  18. The phrase “no one wants to work anymore” is just half-completed.

    “No one wants to live anymore for the salaries we want to pay,” the full sentence reads.

  19. I suppose it’s not just my Wendy’s that’s short-staffed; it’s too bad, because their corporate office has some crazy deal for free sandwiches with their app ordering. When you can’t recruit enough staff, it seems like a terrible time to be doing promotions.

  20. My work pays less than eleven dollars an hour, with no time off, insurance, or other perks. Since we have no staff and everyone quits, we don’t get a single break or even a breath during our shift, and we are verbally insulted by customers all day.

    I had to call off work today due to my mental health issues, and I’m hoping they fire me.

  21. I just rode by a nearby Taco Bell that was offering $12.50 an hour for someone with three years of experience. I’m not sure why they’re so short-staffed.

  22. The word “corporate thief”

    “No one wants to live anymore,” says the narrator.

    translates directly into English as

    >”I underpay my employees while putting them in danger, and I blame them.”

  23. Part-time employment entails no perks. You’re making people poor so you don’t have to provide healthcare if you pay $15 an hour but not at 40 hours for bennies.

  24. This is a serious concern. Are these people incapable of seeing the big picture and recognizing that they will need to increase salaries to retain workers?

  25. I’d say no in all seriousness. It’s more that they believe in an out-of-date and disproven economic theory that says that if all money goes to the top, it will eventually filter down to the bottom.

  26. There are a lot of fast-food and retail employees who do this, and I’m seeing more posts about it, with the same complaints as our industry. And for cooperatives like Arby’s, there are places where there is simply no one because everybody has left. I wouldn’t be surprised if BluePearl 2.0 appeared.

  27. YES, absolutely. We’ve been swamped once again, with two techs down, a receptionist on leave, and a doctor who keeps disappearing for one reason or another. We’re doing our best, but there’s no way we’ll be able to keep up.

  28. My hospital is one of the few remaining in the city. Many other emergency clinics are closing due to a lack of manpower. We’ve been swamped with work.

  29. “No one wants to live anymore,” says the narrator.

    That’s why, over a century ago, we began inventing automation. We should have automated it by now. Almost no one has to struggle to run the planet any longer; we are only doing so to keep ourselves powerless.

  30. Damn, how many fields besides retail and fast food are going through personnel shortages?

    I know that other grocery stores in my area, with better union contracts, have shortages too.

  31. When factories closed or down sized people flooded to these low paying jobs hoping to stay afloat but that’s not happening now factories are hiring and people are flooding to them including employees in these low paying jobs it’s not that people don’t want to work they are finding better paying jobs these service jobs want people well they ate going to have to pay them to stay or come in

  32. Yes, we have a seven-doctor clinic with two part-time vet assistants, three part-time kennel workers, one full-time kennel worker, and three part-time receptionists. We will have the same client load and we have enough doctors and technicians, but we don’t have nearly enough staff to work.

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