Testing security cameras

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  1. It’s really cool. Employees, on the other hand, don’t usually give a fuck about the last one.

    Mind you, I wasn’t one of those when I was younger. I was the other kind who showed my company much more loyalty than they deserved. chuckle

  2. I work in security and have to constantly remind people that the only cameras that can -stop- crime are CC cameras that are monitored. Cameras that just record send you gruesome images of crimes in progress.

  3. This is ridiculous. The aim of cameras isn’t to make SWAT show up right away; it’s to deter crime and allow for follow-up.

    They have footage of him taking the camera, which they then turn over to the cops.

  4. “Government buildings are so easy to rob that you can just walk in and take anything in broad daylight and no one will even notice.”

  5. Very good example of how no one knows what’s going on and how you can get away with a lot of stuff if you look calm and purposeful and aren’t doing the one thing that security guards/employees mantra’d to themselves.

    You can take ducks from public ponds, for example.

  6. What matters is the post. We used to have drunk assholes piss all over our access door. Someone even pooped on it. Nothing happened on that door after the cctv sign was mounted. There are no cameras, just the sign.

  7. He’s perfected the “dress like you belong” vibe. “Be white” – despite the fact that I’m white and dress professionally, people still assume I’m up to something…)

  8. This isn’t surprising to me because I’ve worked in defense before. Cameras often fail to operate in the first place, and security guards are overworked, with one guard patrolling the interior and another patrolling the outside, making them incredibly easy to avoid. A cashier isn’t well compensated enough to notice that you removed the security sign from the shop.

  9. Most security protocols are only in place when social protocols demand it. When you disregard social norms, you’re faced with the option of either getting away with it or being met with force.

  10. It’s funny how you can get away with so much nonsense if you behave like you’re only doing everyday things/your it’s work. People would think you’re the introverted IT guy and won’t bother to speak with you if it’s about something technological.
    I work in IT, and either people don’t care what you do, or you tell them some technological nonsense that they won’t understand and smile about before leaving.

  11. That’s a shady video surveillance. Pressure buttons were installed in the back of the business where I worked, and when the pressure was lost, the company was alerted and alarms were sounded.

  12. We had security cameras at work when I worked in a chicken shop in a *real* *shitty* place, and two idiots rammed a ute through our store wall looking to steal cash.

    “Hey, let’s look at the cameras,” I suggest to my boss, who responds, “I don’t know how, don’t worry about it.”

    They ended up stealing boxes of chicken nuggets and dim sims because there was no cash on site.

  13. Recently, there was a robbery at work. I suggested that we look at the surveillance footage so we remember when it happened. The security team has no idea how to examine the video. The camera system cost us $100,000 two years ago.

  14. Wear kakhis, a polo shirt, and a clipboard of papers or a roll of 24×36 papers if you ever want to sneak into a construction site during the day. Nobody will even give it a second thought.

  15. “Security” is not provided by cameras. After the reality, they provide facts. Even that is a stretch given how little useful information you can glean from these images.

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