thats definitely gonna be me in the future

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  1. Wow, this is a perfect description of my life. I was the kid who used to play games like Mortal Kombat and other “evil mind altering, violence producing” games. Now I’m attempting to get my child to play games other than Roblox, Mine Craft, and Fortnite.

  2. “Take a look, honey! I’ve got the best video games from the last 40 years in this retropie! And we can watch the best series and movies ever made on our Roku!”

    “I’d rather play with dolls and watch the same movie repeatedly.”

    “You have squandered this epoch.”

  3. Why be a dad who watches his kids play lousy video games when you can be a cool uncle who buys good games for their nieces and nephews?

  4. I used to tell my son that he was addicted to video games.

    Now I implore him to join me in playing World of Tanks, Starcraft 2, or Tarkov, while his wife moans in the background.

    I’m looking for a squad member I can rely on.

  5. Back in the year 2000, I used to think like this. I had a friend whose father used to play Heroes 3 on his PC, and I and all of my friends thought it was such a strange thing that a father played computer games; for all of us, it was the first time we had ever seen something like that.

    I’m delighted the world has progressed to the point where adult gaming is now “allowed.”

  6. As a NES/SNES kid trying to attract my 5-year-old into gaming, it’s fascinating. Modern console controllers are *colossal* in comparison to previous generations, making them far more difficult for little children’s hands to handle.

  7. “Video games are a wonderful hobby, but they have the potential to take over your life in a negative way if left unchecked,” I say.

  8. This has been my husband’s experience throughout his life, both as a child and now with our son. Our son even managed to save up enough money to get his own PlayStation 5.

  9. No, your child will enjoy something that you find ridiculous, and you will question him on a daily basis as to why he doesn’t just play video games like a regular kid.

  10. This was how I felt. It took me a minute to realize that these games foster creativity, but not in my opinion. My autistic daughter now creates her own Roblox worlds, while my son creates Fortnite matches on custom maps and is learning GIMP to create skins and battles for Fortnite.

  11. This is how my husband feels.

    He is continuously attempting to get my daughter to play a different Roblox game. She enjoys it because she can create her own games or play those created by others.

    My kid, on the other hand, is a huge fan of vintage games and is always on the lookout for some obscure GameCube title that was only accessible in Japan.

  12. With the start of the summer Steam sale, the bottom panel is an accurate depiction of my home last night. “No, just because you saw someone play it doesn’t mean you’ll buy the pricey, early access game that’s been early access for 9 years. Terraria was given to you as a gift.”

  13. Can we not criticise the games that the next generation plays? We can’t keep this stupid loop of loathing the next generation and the things they adore going.
    We must outperform our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

  14. I thought it would be me, but once I had my own children and reached my mid-forties, I stopped playing and haven’t bought a new system since the PS3. I got the Fam a Switch for Christmas two years ago and haven’t played it since.

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