The Chinese really love stuff written in English… even if they have no idea what it says.

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  1. a video shows a group of Japanese people being stopped and asked about their English shirts or clothing, and some of the responses are quite surprising. There are some great jewels in there as well.

  2. My friend, who owns a shirt printing shop in Colombia, claims that it prints the strangest nonsense on shirts, but that you’ll see youngsters wearing shirts that say things like “make love not math” and “basketball is my girlfriend” as you stroll around the city.

  3. Just like Arianna Grande, who is wearing a Japanese insignia that reads “buffet” instead of “seven rings,” as she desired.

    That old man is incredible, and I believe he understands exactly what it means.

    Correction: the language is incorrect.

  4. Because they don’t read or comprehend Chinese, there are a lot of dude dudes out there with tattoos that say crap like wonton soup, even if they were told it said “heroic” or “spirit” or whatever, so we could draw a venn diagram.

  5. It seems to be a response to all the Chinese/Japanese tattoos that Americans would acquire without understanding what they meant.

  6. Because English is fashionable, so do the Japanese, particularly younger women and girls. “Diarrhoea,” “I’m Fugly,” “I’m going to let one rip,” and “I shoplift” are some amazing ones I’ve seen.

    When they find out, their reactions are pure comedic gold.

  7. Do we not adore items with Chinese characters on them? We even have the Chinese character for “water” tattooed on our bodies.

  8. To be fair, more English-speakers are likely to have Chinese/Japanese tattoos and/or articles of apparel that say the same thing or worse without even realizing it.

  9. To be fair, Americans do the same thing.

    If they realized what their Kanji tattoo said, some of them would be disturbed. pro tip: be kind to your tattoo artist or I’ll laugh at you when you see the finished product.

  10. FIFY American’s really like stuff written in Chinese even if they have no idea what it says…permanently tattooed to their body like the word “soup” .

    His hat makes great sense whether he understands what it says or not – perhaps he does, and if not, read the hat.

  11. That’s what I’m saying. As Americans, we enjoy tattooing symbols from other cultures on our bodies, even if we have no idea what they mean. Take a peek at Ariana Grande’s new ink.

  12. This is something we are aware of. The Chinese are aware that we are aware. But we pretend that we don’t know, and the Chinese pretend that they don’t believe we don’t know. But know that we are aware of the situation….everyone is aware of the situation…

  13. Getting accessories or even tattoos in a language you don’t understand and a script you can’t read is a little ridiculous, isn’t it?

  14. Seeing spelling mistakes/errors that make sense is perhaps my favorite aspect of Asia.

    I once saw a teethbrushes sign that made me laugh out loud, and I had no idea why.

  15. It’s the polar opposite of Americans getting Japanese tattoos and having no idea what they’re saying. Ariana Grande, for example, has a charcoal barbecue tattooed on her arm.

  16. Jimmy, a buddy of mine, requested a tattoo of “something badass in Ukrainian” but never inquired as to what it meant. “Love will find a way,” another buddy later found using Google translate. Jimmy was furious when he learned of the news.

  17. I once saw a photo of a Korean street clothing stall with a t-shirt that read, “Punch me in the face, I want to feel alive.”

    I really want that shirt right now.

  18. This is something I can identify to. My grandfather passed away, but I recall the day he walked downstairs wearing this clothing. Our entire family burst out laughing.

    We’re Koreans, by the way. hehe. Not that it matters, but just thought I’d mention it.

  19. But there’s stuff like this all around Mexico. People selling bracelets with horrifically filthy words like “PUSSY MUNCHER” or strange stuff like that on the beach, for example.

  20. Meh…a it’s mutual thing…people get Chinese tattoos and have no idea what they’re saying… A friend of mine got a Chinese tattoo that literally translates to “excellent fence,” whatever that means.

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