The customer is always right saying needs to die.

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  1. Flying is what really bothers me. Signs abound, with 6ft social barriers in the terminal, security, the tram, and virtually everywhere else on airport land. And you’re on a plane, asses to elbows, and people are unmasking to eat a bag of potato chips for an hour, which is perfectly acceptable.

  2. In this pub, there’s a fun way to be a jerk:

    Put your mask on and sit down.

    Simply deny when they come to get your order. “I’ve got a mask on, and according to medical advice, I can never remove it in front of other people, which means I can’t eat what you’re selling and be “clean,” sorry!”

  3. “We aren’t Nazis at all! There is no longer any space for erroneous thinking, and only those in peak physical condition are permitted.”

  4. So, how do they go about drinking the beverages? They are not allowed to remove their masks because it is against the law. Is it possible to remove masks if you have a drink in your hand?

  5. Karen, who wants to go out and claim a “medical reason,” says, “Stay home!” You wouldn’t be berating a server for not giving you a bigger discount on the BOGO Chili’s app you ordered if you were really in danger, would you?

  6. Is it just me, or do you get tired of seeing signs like this? Especially on Reddit. I understand the argument that these companies are attempting to make, but these signs often come off as extremely obnoxious. Particularly with the lettering that looks like it came from a spongebob meme.

  7. It’s ridiculous to wear masks in a restaurant. I’m not claiming the virus is a hoax, but you need to remove your mask in order to drink and eat. Even if those restaurants just allow takeout, the virus would still spread throughout the establishment.

  8. I wear my mask everywhere, all the time, but if I saw this sign and went up to this bar, I’d leave. Not because I don’t like being told what to do, just because these guys seem like a bunch of jerks.

  9. When the mask mandate is lifted, who will the minions turn on? Without Trump and the mask mandate, your lives will feel hollow and meaningless. Try to channel all of that energy into something constructive.

  10. rEqUiReD mAsKs! After that, everyone sits down and takes off their masks to eat and drink. All breathes the same air, and nothing can be done about it. Our nation is a complete moron.

  11. Expect people to drink through their masks if you open a bar. Or do you have the option of removing your mask while eating or drinking? hinders

  12. “THIS IS A cOUntRy cOUntRy cOUntRy cOUntRy cOUntRy

    You have the right to refuse to wear a mask, and I have the right to refuse to serve you. It’s a two-way street.

  13. An actual conversation I had with a client:

    “Sir, I need you to use your mask to cover your nose.”

    “I am unable to do so due to a medical condition.”

    “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t serve you if your mask isn’t on.”

    “Go fuck yourself,” says the narrator.

    Customer support can be a lot of fun.

  14. I wish every company had anything like this at the entrance. Before I walk in, please inform me that I will not be spending any money in your establishment.

  15. Discrimination against the disabled is, of course, unconstitutional. I expect them to be fined a lot of money for not only being scientifically illiterate cunts, but also for willing to put it in writing.

  16. I’d take a seat and start whining about anything they wanted to charge a fee for. Then I’d leave a $20 on the table as payment for my meal and walk out.

  17. You can’t shower while wearing a DrOuGhT!!!!1!1!


    You can’t fart while wearing a ClImAtE cRiSiS!!!1!1!


    You are not allowed to contact people while wearing a PaNdEmIc!!!!1!1!


    Simply put, stop.

  18. It’s nice to know that when I sit down and remove my mask to eat, drink, and chat with my friends, the virus takes a break. The land of clowns. It’s just a ruse for medical protection.

  19. I’m sure this sign can be seen in a number of “woke” areas. The patrons are those who want to wear a mask for the rest of their lives…those whose children are having senior pictures taken with masks on…

  20. And if you’re just a few feet away from someone who is wearing one, it’s probably perfectly appropriate to take it off when eating or drinking. Sorry, but requiring people to wear masks in a location where people are eating without them is utterly ridiculous.

  21. Imagine being so brainwashed and submissive that you: 1) Believe the virus is extremely dangerous.
    2) Despite believing #1, I continue to go outside.

    I mean, how ridiculous can it get? I can assure you that if I knew any virus was extremely dangerous and poisonous, I would never go outside. These are the same people who die in zombie movies because they don’t have enough chips for the first few days!!

  22. I’d pay $50 for a plausible reason as to why a mask is needed for the 10-foot walk from the door to the table, but not once you’re seated.

  23. We will have to determine at some stage whether vaccinations are effective and necessary.

    Although I am completely vaccinated and give others time to complete their vaccinations, I will not wear a mask indefinitely.

    Many that are well enough to receive a vaccine but refuse do so at their own risk, not mine to mitigate.

  24. I’m not sure if this is addressed in the Constitution. Patrons of private companies may be required to wear a shirt, shoes, or a mask. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to support the business.

  25. It all makes sense. Wear a mask until you’re seated next to a group of strangers who are all drinking, laughing, and shouting at the same time.

  26. This is fantastic. There is a $50 surcharge if you don’t wear a mask. Make it a menu item. They have the choice of paying or going somewhere else.

  27. In matters of taste, the consumer is always correct, according to the quote. For decades, idiot supermarket managers have twisted this quote. There’s nothing in there about being a bully to your coworkers.

  28. Genuine question: How does anyone drink while wearing a mask?

    P.S. I’m not a mask hater. Since April 2020, my country has been Covid-free, with just a small number of cases since then. Our lives have returned to normal. I’m just curious as to how things operate in other nations.

  29. I’m not sure what condition this establishment is in, but I’m sure they’re adhering to Newsom’s mask between bites of diet guidelines.

  30. During a pandemic, you should avoid going to a pub.

    If you’re afraid of contracting covid from your employees or customers, you shouldn’t be available during a pandemic. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who

  31. If they really believed that “the consumer is always right,” they would avoid this mask nonsense if they saw a large number of people not wearing one.

  32. lmao at all the so-called “free expression” trolls who are offended by this poster. Is this bar infringing on your right to free speech by forbidding you from entering?

  33. Consider how upset you’d be if you had to wear a mask. Grow the fuck up, fuck up, fuck up, fuck up Either put on a mask or remain in your building.

  34. A simple sign stating “Masks needed” will suffice. Men, on the other hand, enjoy lecturing and speaking down to others. That bar will be passed by my mask-wearing butt.

  35. > The consumer is always right in stating that something has to die.

    “Until *I* want something, then I’ll throw a tantrum and whine on the internet for a week,” they forgot to say.

  36. I’m not sure which irritates me more: mask stances or clumsy mask signs. I just wish everyone would quiet down and let the chive flow.

  37. Maybe don’t go out to a bar if there’s a pandemic. It makes more sense than simply putting on a mask and walking less than 10 feet to a stool to remove it.

  38. This photo was taken in an Asheville, North Carolina bar. I have photographed it because I felt it was amusing. Behind the photo, the bartender was sniffing it.

  39. Asheville is a city in North Carolina. Well, indeed… I’ve been there. The southern San Francisco.

    I sincerely hope that people are disgusted by such a blatantly rude sign, and that the business goes out of business.

    In two days, for example….

  40. I was wearing my mask at work a few weeks ago, and a coworker who didn’t wear one asked, “Why are you wearing a mask?” Because it says on the door that “masks are needed to enter.”

  41. It’s hilarious that this sign is located in a pub. People don’t wear masks at bars for the majority of the time, but I think this place thrives on upholding the mask law for the 30 seconds it takes to walk to a table and the 30 seconds it takes to walk to and from the bathroom.

  42. I’m sure they inspire masked people to taunt and annoy non-masked people as well. If you ask me/S, this is a fantastic business strategy.

  43. Surcharges are multiplied each time we have to repeat ourselves, and tripled if you are convicted as a result of your failure to comply.

  44. I love how they believe that only those on the verge of death are medically excluded. If you have autism, for example, you’re excluded, so why should autistic people not go out during a pandemic? Do they believe autistic people are more prone to disease transmission? It would be ableist to do so.

  45. Yes, please state it clearly before I order anything at your establishment so that I can leave and never return.

    Simply printing “For Sheep Only” will save you some ink.

  46. So they don’t mind if you have normal or vaccine-induced immunity? That’s odd. Then it can’t be about a virus; it has to be something else. It’s akin to being a control freak.

  47. I’m completely vaccinated, but I still wear a mask everywhere because a group of people at the grocery store are unaware of my vaccination status. It’s just an easy thing to do to put other people’s minds at ease.

    I understand why you wouldn’t want to wear one in a bar, but at the very least, follow restaurant protocol by wearing one to and from your seat.

  48. For several years, I worked as a bartender. The customer is always right, but the bartender determines who is really a customer, as we used to say.

  49. I pity the waiters and waitresses. People are at moderate risk of COVID since they are not supposed to wear masks at the table and restaurant workers must communicate with them. Wearing a mask is more about protecting others from you than it is about protecting yourself from others.

  50. I adore masks and hope that we will be forced to wear them indefinitely because it is such a simple way for me to virtue signal!!!

  51. The medical one is the craziest. Imagine saying something like, “If you have aids, you really shouldn’t be at a bar because bars are where a lot of people hook up,” or something along those lines. I hope they get sued.

  52. But what good is a vaccine if you have to wear a mask wherever you go? Explain it to me as if I’m five years old because I don’t understand. If you can get sick from the illness you’re being vaccinated against anyway, I’ve never understood vaccinations.

  53. When redditors open a bar, this is what happens. Even, in a year or two, this place will be out of business, and the owners will most likely blame capitalism, Trump, or something similarly ridiculous for their demise.

  54. Is there an elephant in the room? Why are they so authoritarian about it? It’s a bar where you take your mask off to drink, so why are they so authoritarian about it?

  55. Ok, “you shouldn’t be at a bar during a pandemic,” but the bar is accessible to the public, so that’s a little perplexing.

  56. This location is on the right track. They aren’t going to disagree with you; instead, they are going to tell you that the circus is nine miles away.

  57. Ouch. Never go to a location where the rules are explained with ironic signage. They don’t care about their work or service if they can’t find the energy to be polite, even through a *printed sign*.

  58. i hate karens as well but that sign made me cringe hard. Maybe I havent experienced some of the people that show up there though..

  59. So, after a beer, should they put the mask back on? Is this bar equipped with sectioned seating like the restaurants I’ve visited? I’m not arguing; I’m just curious. Since the beginning of this shitfest, I haven’t been to a pub.

  60. I would turn and walk out if I had just thrown up in my mouth because that place is contaminated with stupid. You may be able to capture it.

  61. It’s comforting to know that when I sit down and remove my mask to eat and drink, the virus takes a break. The land of clowns.

  62. Is this in a bar?

    Mask off, drink, mask on, mask off, drink, mask on, mask off, drink, mask on, mask off, drink, mask on, mask off, drink, mask on

    I’ll just stay at home and drink.

  63. I’m sure a sign that says “we don’t care” when it comes to the customer is a good sign that this is a nice place to visit.

  64. A bar full of dopey fuckheads muttering to one another, “what brand of vax did you get?” Until quickly removing their masks and taking a drink of their craft beer.

    I’m fine, thank you.

  65. Basically, alienating your clients is how you get your company shut down or out of business.

    It is not, and never has been, for you:

    * well-being * fitness * protection

    However, it has all come down to your ***COMPLIANCE***!

    It’s a good thing I don’t drink because if I did, I wouldn’t be patronizing the establishment. Take pleasure in the dictatorship!

  66. I’d like to know where this is so I can stay away from it as much as possible. And the general area, because I think they’re knuckleheads.

  67. “In a pandemic, you shouldn’t be in a bar”… Anyone who is at risk of severe COVID complications should not be in a bar. If you’re in a bar and are exposed to COVID, whether you’re wearing a mask or not, you’ll get it.

  68. Since science, it’s needed for the ten-foot walk from the entrance, past ten tables, and onto the bartop next to other guests, where you can remove it.

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