The first Austin Powers movie was really quite clever.

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  1. It’s a shame they waited too long for a fourth. The zeitgeist has shifted, and they’d have to drastically alter the sound and cast to make it work.

  2. Remember how he refused to sleep with her because she was intoxicated, despite the fact that she was making advances on him? Austin was a real find!

  3. Since it was a fresh, humorous take on early Bond films set in modern times, the first Austin Powers film was fantastic.
    In my view, the subsequent films were subpar because they were simply vehicles for low-effort jokes and ignored the satire.

  4. The time gap between the 90s Austin Powers is set in and the 1960s it compares is the same as the time gap between now and the release of the film.

  5. This was just a few weeks ago when I saw it. It lasts a long time. Even after all these years, it’s still a beautifully funny film.

  6. “He’d make ludicrous statements like claiming to have invented the question mark.”

    This is my own favorite part of the entire thing.

  7. Fun fact: Since they couldn’t do gags, Daniel Craig credits this film series for the serious tone of the newer Bond films.

    Spectre’s plot twist, on the other hand, is exactly the same as Goldmember’s plot twist.

  8. This isn’t my kind of stuff, boy.

    There is only one book. Penis enlarger lumps manufactured in Sweden
    And as for me, I’m a sucker for this type of stuff. By the might of Austin.

  9. “They’re really after my lucky charms,” says the narrator. What are you talking about? When I say that, why do people still laugh?”

  10. I despise Shrek because I believe we would have seen more Austin Powers films if Mike Myers hadn’t made a billion dollars off of it.

  11. One of the subtle jokes was just recently revealed to me. After Austin is unfrozen, Basil Exposition, the MI6 boss who debriefs him, explains the plot to him. He’s there, in other words, to provide the audience with… *Presentation.*

  12. Vanessa has a beautiful body, and I’m sure she shags like a minx.
    How can I explain to them that I don’t have an inner monologue because of the unfreezing process?

  13. At the blackjack table will still be my favorite scene from AP 1. The intense music is just for “I’ll stay”… “Sir, I strongly advise you to strike…” snaps back to face #2… “I ALSO like to live dangerously.”

  14. I’m curious how many people are aware that Will Ferrell made a cameo appearance in this film… Although it was probably more of a “Hey you from SNL, we need someone to play this role” than a cameo back then.

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