The interview.

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  1. That’s the difference between folks who work jobs and wind up as a 45-year-old complaining about their 22-year-old manager Kevin and those who have a career in any field they choose.

    It’s not difficult to plan ahead and set some objectives for yourself. You don’t have to strive to become a ripped-millionaire-cowboy-scientists by 30, but put some effort into yourself. You’d be surprised.

  2. This is something I think about all the time. Why would I want to spend around 40% of my waking hours with you? Because you’ll pay me, and I enjoy having a roof over my head and eating food.

  3. This is something I consider on a regular basis. Why do I want to spend around 40% of my waking hours with you? You’ll pay me, and I enjoy having a roof over my head and eating food.

  4. “Because I’m not comfortable with the concept of hungry and being homeless,” I want to try once.

    only for the sake of amusement

  5. This remark, according to my previous boss, was the deciding factor in his decision to hire me over other, less risky prospects. People who are in need of money are more likely to take their profession seriously, as one might expect.

  6. Sure, don’t do it. I was just talking to another department head tonight who said that this was said in their interview and that they would have gotten the position if it hadn’t been spoken. It’s amusing, but it’s not appropriate for a professional setting.

  7. this is a joke taken from a 1989 matthew modine movie called gross anatomy, where he is interviewing for med schools and answering the question, “why do you want to become a doctor?” He keeps responding, “to help people,” and is repeatedly rejected until he switches to, “I want to make a lot of money,” at which time he is admitted.

  8. My first job interview went pretty much like this. It wasn’t a bad job, but I was 17 and still at college, trying to save up so I could have fun at Uni. They were well aware of my presence.

  9. The question that irritates me the most is: In five years, how do you envision yourself?

    That subject came up in my first job interview, and I gave the following response: I envision myself continuing to work here.

    To be honest, I believed it was the answer they were looking for to demonstrate my commitment to the company.

  10. Yeah, I wish it could just be “I want to make some money, and this job appears to be something I can do and also something I could realistically acquire, and I’m willing to do whatever is required for the job in exchange for the salary you’re providing.”

  11. I prefer repetitious activities that require manual effort, such as PLEASE LET ME CARRY STUFF IN AND STOCK YOUR SHELVES, for example.

  12. I wish it was as simple as this!! In a few months, I’ll be applying for my first job. It’s the store for one of my SIs, so it’ll be interesting. “Please, I need money and I want to fill your shelves on a regular basis.”

  13. “Are you doing therapy?” and “What activities do you undertake to maintain improving yourself?” were the first two questions I was asked at an interview for an IT position last week. and only went in this direction. THERE WERE NO TECH QUESTIONS AT ALL.

  14. “Can you tell me why you desire this job?”

    Well, I know why I need the work, and it’s because I’m short on cash. I WANT it since it isn’t going to stress me out to the point of having a stroke.

  15. “I just need a job where I can pay my expenses but not despise my life,” I told my now-boss during my final interview. Since then, I’ve been doing exactly that.

  16. “Why did you apply with us instead of our competitor?” is the correct question. When, in fact, I applied to each and every one of them.

  17. This is absolutely correct. Job interviews irritate me because they ask so many irrelevant questions. I once applied for a job and the contract was 2 years yet still they asked the damn “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question.

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