The side effects of smoking.

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  1. I admire people with a good sense of humor, who can laugh at jokes rather than being offended, and who are pleasant to be around. He seems to be very calm, which makes me happy just to see them happy.

  2. My man could’ve taken the joke in the other direction and said he has plenty to spare, but he’d rather have a good laugh, and I appreciate that.

  3. Even when he isn’t speaking in his native language, Dude reacts to the person or people behind the camera with *such* ease. To be able to answer so well, you need a level head, a fast wit, and confidence.

    Even after he laughed and said he doesn’t use it, the people filming were still trying so hard to bring him down in some way or get some sort of negative response.

  4. I’m glad the person being filmed has a decent sense of humor, but the person doing the filming is a complete jerk. Allow the man to smoke if he wishes. A random bypasser is the last person you want to confront if you’re trying to make a point about smoking cigarettes.

  5. That guy is absolutely hilarious. I love running into people who are naturally funny, like this guy. They’re always passengers, and being on the road all day listening to stuff must give them a stronger sense of humor!

  6. Although the driver has a good sense of humor, I believe whoever was recording was simply taking advantage of the opportunity to make a stereotypical Asian joke.

  7. After all these years of *internet experience*, I’ve come to realize one thing: If a guy on the internet accepts that his pp is smaller, he most likely has a very long one.

  8. Older people are unconcerned with their routines. This is why older people are so wonderful; they live happier lives, unconcerned with what others think of them. It’ll be even cooler if they can even joke about it.

  9. Those two cunts in the car can eat a whole bag of dicks… a lot of Asian dicks. At the very least, the kid in the van had a great sense of humour.

  10. You gave the best answer you could. He takes it in stride, makes light of it, and reminds them that they’re still young.

    This is the path to take.

  11. Nothing at the end made the first part of the video okay, but it doesn’t really work here. All was the same…it was amusing, but it didn’t belong.

  12. That was B-Rabbit level mastery of using self-deprecating humor to catch your adversary off guard and turn the conversation in your favor, à la “8 Mile.” He quickly put an end to that nonsense.

    And I suppose these gatekeepers are right. You didn’t need to post that in this sub, unless you wanted to ride the wave of upvotes that the original got.

  13. I’ve never seen someone with a better sense of humor than this man. I would have retorted with some nonsense, but he only laughs… What a cool senior citizen

  14. Despite not being a native English speaker, I admire how fluidly he expresses what he’s trying to tell. Why use a lot of words when a few words will suffice?

  15. I really like the guy in the van’s reaction and attitude. Boys and girls, that’s one happy guy right there. He’s chilling on another plain.

  16. This attitude is one of my favorites. I’m prone to taking things too personally, and jabs like this, particularly when they come from strangers, irritate me. But screw it! Give them a positive answer because they are clearly looking for a negative one. I’m okay with making jokes about myself!

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