The way my girlfriend “changed” the toilet paper roll today. How do I tell her she needs to move out?

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  1. This is ridiculous, bro. Not only did she not do it, but you have a toilet paper stand that is EASY to repair. All you have to do is toss the old one in the garbage and replace it with one hand. My toilet paper stand has clips on both sides, and every time I have to replace it, I stab myself.

  2. That’s really telling – it’s like a sculpture that appears simple at first glance but gets more profound and threatening the more you look at it. Get her out of the house as soon as possible, even if it means burning it down.

  3. Place a men’s restroom sign on the door and lock the bathroom.
    Then, in front of the home, place that toilet roll on a limb or bush. Next to it, place one of those Women’s Bathroom signs.

  4. Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, You don’t need to be enslaved to that kind of madness for the next 18 years or more.

  5. Pee on the toilet seat is a bad idea. Pee on the toilet seat while she’s using it if that doesn’t work. You’re on your own, buddy, if that doesn’t work.

  6. What?! This girl has the potential to be a bridesmaid.

    Not only did she not throw away the final piece of paper from a clearly not empty roll, but she also placed a new one right next to it since she knows the last one won’t enough.

    She is thrifty and thoughtful, so go ahead and purchase the ring right now!

  7. At the very least, she brought a roll. My wife will be shitting with the door open, yelling for me to fetch her another roll from the closet, or she will use up all of the roll and leave me with the inner cardboard section. It irritates me. It’s not my fault you have to wipe both ends, for example. It’s not my fault you utilize 50 squares per session.

  8. You state “I’m going to show you how to put a roll of toilet paper in properly. I’ll roll this TP out the front door first, and you’ll go grab it.”

    Then shut the door when she goes to get it.

  9. It appears that she will have to return to her parents’ house… I’m guessing she doesn’t know how to fold a towel or boil water…

  10. Before you exclaim, “tHiS iS PLauSaBle!!1!” keep in mind that the purpose of this sub is not to say “that didn’t happen” or “I don’t believe you,” but to exhibit photos that may be easily faked. That is all there is to it.

  11. It’s not a deal breaker; my wife only changes the toilet paper roll about twice a year and makes a point of mentioning that she’s the only one who does it….. I’m like, guuuurl, I love you, but we only go through a roll every three days or so, so unless you’ve changed it 100 times this year, that’s FALSE! LOL.

  12. You’re making a joke, but in ten years it might not be amusing. My girlfriend started out like this, and we are now getting divorced in part due to her being a slob. It began this way, and now there are eight empty toilet paper rolls and six tampon applicators on the floor. Now is the time to laugh it up, man.

  13. This happened to me the day before my girlfriend began pinning me to the bed every night. This isn’t something I agreed to. Beware.

  14. This is exactly the type of post that this sub needs. I see a lot of people here who are like 78% trustworthy, but they may be fake! As a result, they end up here, which is inconvenient. This one may totally be real, but it would only take 2 seconds to make up and require no originality. It appears to be a good fit here.

  15. As a twice married, once divorced man, my suggestion is to call out the entitled princess BS right now – don’t let yourself “suck it up” or ignore something that is obviously a problem.

    However, if you want to keep tapping it, you’ll have to sugarcoat it and tiptoe around the broken glass.

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