There’s a lot to unpack here.

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  1. I like how the contact details was blurred out by someone thinking this is genuine. Perhaps more incredible, some of the comments here actually believe it’s true. No, this man prints funny signs around his neighborhood and has been doing it for a while now. Here’s an IG of his

  2. All right OP, we need more background. Only pleeeaaaase. I can’t seriously say if it’s a joke or if someone loses their mind legitimately.

  3. …do you all seriously believe that this stuff is real/serious? I recognize that the sovereign citizen and 5G forms are crazy, but this has at least seven telltale signs that it’s a joke.

  4. I just sent this to my mother, who asked if it was valid :/ “What do you think?” I questioned. And she said, “It should.”

    I’m sorry, but I’m not joking.

  5. I suppose it could only weigh 5 grams if it were made of energy, but it looks like a horse of any sort would weigh more than that…

  6. I bet it’s a joke here.

    The horse ghost had to be photoshopped into a picture, which means he knows it’s nonsense.

    Or it’s a real picture, and we need to help this man who’s haunted by the ghost of a horse.

    If he were really that mad, the image would look like a regular lawn and the horse ghost would be hallucinating.

  7. Excellent opportunity to illustrate how vaccines work for them.

    You see, the vaccine will avoid the entry of 5G waves into your bloodstream. Yet technology progresses and numerous barn animals will grow from it so that the cells will be hardened by regular flu shots to deflect against it. And holding the vaccinations up to date will guarantee that you won’t get 6G, 7G and onward.

  8. I love how anti-vaxxers always say things like, “We’re concerned because we’re unvaccinated,” as if getting vaccines isn’t a big deal…

  9. I love how the answer of this family is to get other individuals to call a particular cop and badger him before he gives in. Sounds like maybe there’s a grudge here.

  10. Clearly flagged with contact information, insanity can show itself more like this and less like murder.

    ~ Concept Crap, winner.

    Apparently, the names Thomas Ben and Gome have become popular among children.

    Uh, ~ Fart.

  11. Wait, are those the children of the cops??? WTF!-WTF! Doxing that kind of family is messed up.

    The level of delusion combined with aggressive actions should be ample cause to participate in a home health check to get social services involved.

  12. What people don’t understand is how horses have always been made.

    There is a lot of historical evidence that horses spawn in around 5 g naturally occurring within magnetized soil. Right now or perhaps never, I can’t show you, but you can believe it.

  13. It’s a disaster here. Why won’t the pork take the 5G horse dilemma of Gome’s family seriously? It’s not their fault that Bill Gates’ 5G horse vaccine isn’t available in their region.

  14. …… Honestly, I’m deeply worried that the poster mentions the children of an officer. I understand that the poster creator will have the badge number and maybe even the guy’s desk phone for reference, but using the names of the children makes my skin crawl.

  15. Cop: How many horses have come out of here?

    **me:** seventeen Seventeen

    Cop**:** round up’em

    **me:** Well, 20, well, twenty

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