This is how Japan attacked Pearl Harbor according to flat earthers.

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  1. If somebody is interested in insane, this is the most prevalent. The South Pole is encircled by an ice wall.

    The Flat Earth Society wiki was not prepared for the increased bandwidth from Reddit, hence it is currently unavailable.

    Edit: Thank you for your help.

  2. I’m not a believer in a flat Earth…

    However, their map is a circular flat disk. Antarctica is a large ring around the periphery, with the North Pole in the center.

    Still fucking stupid though.

  3. This is ridiculous.

    To go to Pearl Harbor, they flew through the hollow earth, as everyone knows. They were able to avoid radar detection because of this.

  4. Есть кто-то разбирающийся в плоскозeмельных теориях – что по их мнению находится с обратной стороны? Is it possible to move from one side of the crater to the other in order to get a better view of the crater?

  5. Picking on flat-earthers seems a lot like picking on disabled people. It feels like punching them in the face because they are so foolish.

  6. NASA could invite the most well-known flat earther to join an ISS expedition and put an end to this silliness.

    Edit: to everyone who claims that even that won’t persuade them, the solution is simple: if you’re so sure it’s not real, step out of the airlock, LOL.

  7. What I don’t get about flat earth theory is how it continues to be funded in order to buy people’s silence in Trump’s America.

    Trump does not strike me as someone who would spend money to back the lies of NASA. Why hasn’t he stopped supporting the conspiracies and invested those billions toward a border wall?

  8. Your flimsy pseudoscience will lead you astray. Asia is on the left, as true Flat Earthers know.

    Edit: thank you kind strangers but please save your awards for OP. I’m just chuckling on their coattails.

  9. It’s flat on one side but rolled into a cylinder on the other. That is why you can travel from east to west in an instant but not from north to south.

  10. Under the flat earth model, that route would be considerably worse than it is in reality; they imagine Antarctica as an ice wall around the circle, with the north pole at its center, thus any path to the south is longer in their thoughts than it is in fact.

    Nonetheless, their model places Japan and Hawaii closer together as they traverse the Pacific. They don’t believe the world is shaped like a rectangle.

  11. To get from one side to the other, I’m pretty sure they used a Pacman-style door. It’s a little unsettling at first, but it’s a lot faster in the end.

  12. No way, man. It reminds me of classic arcade games or snake.

    You travel to the end of the world and teleport to the other side when you cross the border.

    If plane.x is equal to 0;

    If plane.x = earth.x, then

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