Today is a big day for my husband!

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  1. They develop at such a rapid rate. The little youngster appears to be all set to go!

    Don’t forget to update when he returns home. Hopefully, there won’t be too many tears!

  2. This guy looks like Jared Padalecki, therefore he’s probably back from the dead and ready to hunt monsters alongside his brother.

  3. Congratulations, if that’s what you and your partner were hoping for! I feel compelled to bring out that your guy has impolitely beautiful teeth and fantastic footwear choice!

  4. “Now Jacob wifey has packed you a fruit smoothie and put a note to your back pack reminding you to chat to Jane about our RRSP contributions.”

  5. I’ll be back in a month. I’m utilizing this time to practice putting on a bra while working and actually going out in public clothing, and to be ready by 7 a.m., as if I were leaving for work. Trying not to think about missing over two hours every day for a commute that has already proven to be unnecessary. Literally not one part of my job I cannot do from home.

  6. Why are people bashing this guy? He has a job and a wife, which is already better than half of all redditors, and he appears to be a wonderful guy from the image.

  7. You mean “back to the workplace” it rustles my jimmies when companies say “back to work” we have all been working all year long. We were only working in our underwear. Some of us are now required to wear pants.

  8. It’s strange to see everyone only getting back to work on here and other social media now, when I’ve been working since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m not complaining; I’m grateful I could still work and earn money. It’s just strange.

  9. It’s strange to see everyone returning to work on here and other social media just now, while I’ve been here since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m not complaining; I’m grateful I was able to continue working and earning money. It’s just odd.

  10. This reminds me of when moms dress up their kids for their first day of preschool and give them that funny little sign to hold up, wow. That’s a full-grown adult…

  11. OP, congrats.

    What kind of dude gets roasted like this? What’s with this sculpted chin?
    He could certainly pull quite a few in real life.

    Everyone who is serious about the Roast is a hater.
    Lunch lunkies: steel cut oats and crossfit. FOH, hahaha.

  12. What’s more… I was about to join the roasting bandwagon, but instead I opted to congratulate you and your husband. He seemed to be in good spirits. I wish you all the best.

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