Typical Workday [OC]

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  1. In a work atmosphere, this is what hell looks like. Except in my case, where I’m busy all day getting things done “Great, I’m ready to go home” Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, d The printer begins to spit out requests. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!

  2. If it was 9 a.m. and there were no emails from the east coast in my inbox, I’d believe I’d been fired and they hadn’t figured out how to inform me yet.

  3. This type of thing happens in the building industry as well. It’s been termed the “4:30 Emergency” by my friend and me.

  4. I’m on Eastern Time, while several of my employees are on Mountain Time. After I’m meant to log off for the day, I have meetings booked. I simply claim overtime and blame it on the boss. They shouldn’t have invited me to the meeting if they didn’t want to pay overtime.

  5. You’ve got me if you replace nothing to do with a slew of tiresome spreadsheet changes that don’t truly help anything to do.

  6. 100%, I have all day to prepare for like one meeting, then it gets rescheduled for next week, thus I got hardly nothing done all day and will have a lot of time next week.

  7. I work second shift, so my situation is almost the polar opposite. In MS teams, I walk into urgent e-mails, missed calls, and hundreds of messages. In addition, new communications arrive in Teams every few minutes. After the first shift has left, things start to slow down, with a few mails here and there, a few IT issues, and catching up on everything I walked into.

  8. On weekend shifts in hospitals: doing typical rounds while trying to remain awake, people scream bloody murder periodically, but that’s it.

    Weekends at the hospitals 10 minutes before the shift’s end: **BREAKING NEWS** CLOWN CAR AND SCHOOLBUS COLLISION, BOTH EXPLODING, MANY DEAD AND INJURED.

  9. Last week, one of my coworkers confronted our management about this. She has a habit of sending a flurry of necessary meeting invitations for the next morning, *complete with specified deliverables*, when she is experiencing bouts of insomnia.

    She becomes irritated since they haven’t finished yet…

  10. It takes a whole day for taskings to reach the persons who must act on them, and then they are suddenly due the same day or at noon the next day.

  11. Last week, a coworker of mine called out our manager for doing something similar. She has a habit of getting sleeplessness and sending a flurry of required meeting invitations for the next morning, *complete with assigned deliverables*.

    She is irritated that they aren’t finished…

  12. This is also true, ironically, if you work 7-3.

    The only difference is that you respond to those 15 emails between 7-9 a.m., and you’re not invited to the meeting because you’re already gone.

  13. “I need this by Monday morning,” says management.

    Management is also important: “No, I have not yet read your report. Have a fantastic weekend!”

  14. When something like this happens to me. Too awful, in my opinion. It’s the most important one of the day. I’ll take care of it tomorrow. If the task is urgent and must be completed immediately. I’ll get to it as soon as I can. That would be the following day.

  15. My main concern is….

    Is this individual spending their days doing nothing?
    I mean, I’ve seen teams that don’t do anything in the morning, so they altered their start time to match the organization’s schedule.

    That being said, your work is completed when your shift is completed; if you are not receiving any work throughout your shift, you should speak with your management.

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