Vegans: I stop eating meat to save nature….. Nature :

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  1. What’s the deal with today’s vegan vitriol on Reddit? How can you tell if someone dislikes vegans? They’re going to tell you about it.

  2. Oh, my goodness, this joke is so ancient. It’s both good and horrible.

    It doesn’t take much to understand the difference between NEEDING and CHOOSING meat.

  3. My fiancé and I eat meat on occasion, but we don’t buy it for our own consumption. The reason isn’t to “rescue” the animals, but rather to stop them from being abused and tortured.

    Yes, I’m aware that huge livestock farms emit a lot of methane gas as a result of animal waste.

  4. No vegan has ever said, “We aren’t vegan to save the environment,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “We aren’t vegan to save the animals,” “

  5. Although I am not a vegan, I find these posts to be ridiculous. Do these meat eaters think they’re genuinely hunting when they ask the butcher to cut their meat for them because they don’t know how in the supermarket?

    All I can think of is OP as a gravy seal, thinking he’s cracked a witty joke when all he’s done is demonstrated his own idiocy.

  6. “But owls, though,” says the narrator.

    Oh, that’s something I hadn’t considered! Thank you for informing me; I believe I will now live in the trees and eat raw meat. HOO HOOOO HOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO HO

  7. I’m not sure how someone can look at this completely regular picture of nature and think to themselves, “I know!” I’ll spit on people who don’t eat the same way I do.” Man, you’re a weirdo. You should live your own life.

  8. To observe how animals are raised and treated in animal agribusiness watch this. This is where 80 percent of the meat we eat today comes from.

  9. While I would never adopt a vegan-only lifestyle or diet, I can understand how a more vegetarian diet makes sense. The key point is that there are far too many of us. We are the contemporary environmental blight.

  10. Vegan foods appeal to me because they are more flavorful. Meat eaters’ meat has a more earthy flavor. Beef, sheep, and ostrich are among my favorite vegans. Pork, chicken, and fish are my favorite meats. My vegans are cooked rare, whereas my meat eaters are completely cooked. Good appetite

  11. … That is not the case for the majority of vegans.

    Veganism is strange to non-vegans. Is it a matter of guilt?

    It’s a joke, but it’s also dull and outdated.

  12. There’s a world of difference between a mouth-breathing couch potato stuffing bacon-fatty fat burgers into his willfully ignorant mouth hole and this graceful and vital apex predator.

  13. That’s good since it’s natural; what isn’t natural is animal agriculture, which accounts for the majority of terrestrial biomass.

  14. I’m not sure what the appeal to nature is all about. They always want to talk about how vegans “equate animals to people,” but then try to excuse their *agricultural practices* by appealing to animals’ natural survival hunting behavior. That’s not to mention the fact that other animal behaviours, such as infanticide, are never mentioned.

  15. Humans, on the other hand, do not consume in the same way that animals do.

    We don’t merely take a snake and say, “Hey, a tasty snake.” Instead, we capture hundreds of snakes, pigs, bears, owls, moose, wolves, and other animals because we set fire to the entire forest to catch a single snake.

    We don’t even eat the rest of the animals. We simply kill them and dispose of their bodies.

  16. At the very least, if you’re going to upload a picture of a dead or dying animal, tag it. That’s kind of the point; no one wants to see it.

  17. As a false gotcha argument, this doesn’t even make sense. How, for example, does what happens in nature affect environmentalists?

  18. I’m not vegan, but I’m very convinced it has nothing to do with natural death and everything to do with factory farming’s jungle of horrors.

  19. Why don’t I see carnists using photos of animals killing their children, fighting, or having non-consensual sex as a gotcha against human rights campaigners to explain their actions?

  20. It’s not even about “save the environment” or “save the world.” Nature will adjust, and all will be OK. Everything will be alright on the globe. It is humanity and civilisation that must be saved. We’re doing havoc on our own ecosystem.

  21. We’ve progressed past the necessity to kill animals for food or health reasons, and we now solely have net positive outcomes. Any argument that isn’t solely focused on how you FEEL about something is utter nonsense. I eat meat, but vegan hatred is unironically fucking cringe-worthy.

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