Villain Slouch

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  1. The people who work in the call center aren’t all bad. They’re probably going through the same difficulties as the people they’re calling.

  2. I’m not getting the joke. There are many ways to improve your posture; you don’t have to be a debt collector to do so, and improving your posture does not make you a debt collector.

    Maybe if he said something like “If you adopt positive posture, you will have more chances to do evil at the same time.” in the second to last photo.

  3. When I say I’m a villian, I’m referring to the fact that I refuse to accept the status quo by blindly adhering to social norms while not deliberately harming others. I’m not a real-life threat; I’m a gay Disney villain.

  4. Amateurs are the ones who commit bank robberies. A bank is founded by true professionals.”

    Bertolt Brecht, Bertolt Brecht, Bertolt Brecht, Berto

  5. Debt collectors aren’t just bad people. Banks are bad because they create propaganda allowing people to live beyond their means and then give loans to people who clearly cannot afford them.

  6. I’d like to draw attention to the artist’s obvious lack of understanding of the causes of bankruptcy. Debt collectors are not to blame; rather, it is the lenders who lend to people who are clearly unable to repay their debts.

  7. I know people who work as debt collectors and they despise it. A few of them are highly compassionate and talented individuals; but, if they do not work, they will slip below the event horizon and succumb to the crippling force of poverty.

    We have a tendency to villainize people because it is simpler, but people are often replaceable. Frequently, the villain is more cunning.

  8. Amateurs are the ones who commit bank robberies. A bank is founded by true professionals.”

    Bertolt Brecht, Bertolt Brecht, Bertolt Brecht, Berto

    Edit: mack the knife from the threepenny opera. There is an English language film adaptation starring Raul Julia, as well as a very successful German dub-only version from 2018.

  9. PSA: Debt collectors do not put people out of business. It’s either the lender’s responsibility for lending irresponsibly or your own responsibility for not properly managing your funds.

    Debt collectors are simply carrying out their duties.

  10. I enjoy the comic, however I think a greater example of current wickedness should have been utilized. Pay off your debts. No one is wicked for attempting to reclaim their money, especially call center staff who are simply performing their jobs.

  11. How did this get so many upvotes??? Bankruptcy is the last thing debt collectors want you to do. This means they won’t be able to collect any debt.

    If the creator of this comic doesn’t comprehend debt or bankruptcy, they’re definitely a kid.

  12. People who receive an owed debt are simply obtaining property that rightly belongs to the person for which they are working. No one except themselves is declared bankrupt.

  13. I like how you drew the bats; they’re really cool. One of my favorite of your other works is “Straight on till Morning.”

  14. Oh, you adorable kids. Do you believe debt collectors want people to file for bankruptcy?
    It’s the exact opposite! In most cases, personal debts are diminished or discharged during bankruptcy proceedings. As a result, debt collectors will attempt to persuade people to make whatever payment they could right now in order to recover as much money as possible. They don’t want to go through the entire bankruptcy process.

  15. I’m perplexed by the stereotype of debt collectors as villains: you borrow money that isn’t yours and then become enraged when you have to pay it back…

  16. My wife works in debt relief/consolidation, and I know she despises it when she is unable to save someone time and money. Suggestion of bankruptcy stinks, but it’s probably the better option by then.

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