Well now I don’t want to (oc)

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  1. During covid, I started a WFH job; the organization has no plans to open a new office once they reopen.


    This is the new standard, and I’m a big fan of it!

  2. During the pandemic, I “saw” my friend more than ever before. When it reopens, we won’t have as much time to play together as we used to.

  3. This is exactly correct, in my opinion. It’s gotten to the point that people can’t just hide in their basements. They are always judging what others are doing because of their anxiety.

  4. And there you have it. The explanation why reddit users tolerated lockdowns. Their miserable lives remained unchanged. All these lockdowns did was relieve them of the burden to do something meaningful with their lives, allowing them to claim to be heroes for doing nothing on a daily basis.

  5. It must be great to have access to high-quality vaccines and not have to be concerned as much. I’ll just wait two years in my third-world country bed.

  6. Even if you have your vaccinations, you are always required to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance while going out.

    People behaving heroically while receiving a hurried vaccine, strange.

    My dudes, it’s a big deal when angry soys make angry soy comments and then block me.

  7. Very true, particularly the part about people photographing their vaccine or vaccination card and insisting on posting it on social media because everyoneeee wants to see how awesome and virtuous they are.

  8. Join my Discord server.


    Is everybody up to date with their vaccinations?


    Yes, indeed.


    BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

  9. I’m going to take a break from reddit. As I’m watching and won’t get a vaccine for another 6 months, I’m hearing a lot of “oh, we’re all having our lives back.”

  10. The Reddit echo chamber in this thread is sad, and the idea that most people in the real world tend to stay indoors after vaccination is concerning.

  11. During Covid, I spent more time with friends and went on more dates than I ever have before. I have joined a gym and began dieting, as well as quitting a job I despised and returning to school.

  12. Before it was beneficial to the general public, I practiced social distancing. As an inherently self-absorbed human, the vaccine was solely for my own peace of mind hahaha Life is as it was before I was forced to think for other people’s well-being hahaha

  13. For those that aren’t shut-ins, a friendly reminder that you should wait two weeks after your last dose before declaring yourself completely immunized.

  14. These are the squabbling buttholes that oppose any attempt to return to normalcy. You just want to hide and make the rest of us live like that.

  15. Reading through the comments, I noticed that many people said that the virus had had little effect on their lives. And I accept that not much has changed in my life. Just not for the same reasons they are 🙂

  16. The strongest antivax voices are those who have received vaccinations and insist that they are unable to do anything other than lock down.

  17. I’ve always lived alone, but now that I’m vaccinated, and one of my friends is as well, we’re going to get together for the first time since Christmas 2019. I’m just looking forward to seeing them.

  18. I live in a third world with no vaccinations, and I believe I would cry with joy if I ever had the opportunity to be vaccinated.

  19. Getting mad at people because they are actually extroverted is the same as getting angry at others because of their sexuality. They can’t help themselves; it’s just who they are.

    Just because you’re introverted and can cope with confinement doesn’t mean others can. Instead of focusing only on yourself, put things into perspective.

  20. Like they do on those nature documentaries, I’ll have to be reintroduced to the wild.
    Sir David Attenborough is starting to narrate……

  21. Is it true that life returns to ‘normal’ after vaccinations? I’m from a developing world where vaccines aren’t provided equally.

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