What a difference a year makes.

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  1. I’ve previously used the hand sanitizer. It’s complete nonsense. It feels like lube and takes *forever* to dry up. Even if it was free, I wouldn’t take it.

  2. My employer purchased a large quantity of off-brand hand sanitizer. We have pallets upon pallets of stuff sitting at 70% discount right now.

  3. At the Walmart where I work, they handed all of the associates some of that same stuff. I recall how quickly all of the hand sanitizer, toilet paper, bleach, and disinfectant spray disappeared after the store opened in the morning.

  4. I work at a Walmart, and all of the associates were given some of the same items. I recall how quickly all of the hand sanitizer, toilet paper, bleach, and disinfectant spray would disappear once the store opened in the morning.

  5. Nonetheless, I will always be creating my own. I’ve become accustomed to the smell and other essential oils I use in my recipe.

  6. Remember the guy who kept a few skids of sanitary items in his garage and was forced to “donate” them in order to avoid being charged?

  7. I’m relieved that folks will resume their prior lousy hygiene habits. The one I missed the most was going into public places unwell.

  8. When I bought some rope last month, a local hardware store gave me a liter of hand sanitizer. They had enough stock to last five normal years and were unable to sell it.

  9. I just got back from the grocery store…. Masks were reduced to 50 cents each during the clearance sale.

    It was actually twenty cents…. Numbers are difficult to comprehend.

  10. Prepare for the next pandemic by stocking up on supplies. Guidelines are for pussies; we’re speeding towards the apocalypse today. You must save yourself.

  11. Until I zoomed closer, I honestly assumed those were water bottles. lol

    I was perplexed as to what was going on and why it was amusing.

  12. A month ago, I stopped at a gas station. The clerk asked if I wanted free hand sanitizer as I was checking out. “Sure, why not?” I responded. He reaches behind the desk and hands me a 32oz bottle.

  13. When it comes to construction, having a bottle in the car is a must. I never get the inexpensive ones, though. They always have a terrible odor or make you feel strange.

  14. I work in grocery at a corporate level, and was just tasked with a 2 million dollar hand sanitizer donation campaign so we can write off our losses. You’re winning if you’re still earning money with hand sanitizer.

  15. That brand is terrible. If I didn’t get a defective batch, it’s slimy as hell when you put it on your hands. Still makes a good cut finder tho

  16. I work in retail, and thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer that were previously $6.99 are now under 10 cents. We’ll raise it to 50 once we’ve sold half of our supply.

  17. On Slate, there’s a great item about all the stuff people bought during the pandemic and are now trying to sell. Hand sanitizers, air purifiers, and other such items are available. And for most of the sellers, no takers.

  18. I bought a ton of masks from Walmart, packs of five double layer cloth masks for $0.25 each, when these were around $10 each a few months ago. I’ve had my immunization, but I prefer not getting strep or another respiratory infection for a year and a half, so I’m still wearing it when I go shopping.

  19. We have so many end caps of sanitizer clearanced out it’s not funny.

    Can’t get rid of hand sanitizer, but wipes from the chemical aisle cannot keep those shelves stocked.

  20. Do you recall when a bottle of wine cost upwards of $5? They can’t even give them away anymore.

    Only when I’m out and don’t have access to running water do I use it on my hands. Is there any other way to put it to use? I wouldn’t put it on electronics because it isn’t as pure as 91 percent IPA, but can it be used around the house or garage?

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